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2. Protein Structure

Learning Intentions:
Describe the structure of proteins

Success Criteria:
Draw a simplified amino acid
Describe peptide bonds
Explain how polypeptides are held in 3D arrangements to form functional proteins…
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1. Intro to Gene Expression

Learning intentions:
*to be familiar with AS91159 “demonstrate understanding of gene expression” and the role of nucleic acids in gene expression.
Success Criteria:
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Facilitated diffusion buffers noise in gene expression

Facilitated diffusion buffers noise in gene expression

Armin Schoech, Nicolae Radu Zabet
(Submitted on 22 Jul 2014)

Transcription factors perform facilitated diffusion (3D diffusion in the cytosol and 1D diffusion on the DNA) when binding to their target sites to regulate gene expression. 56 more words

Gene Expression

Swift movement in shrink-to-fit genes

The remarkable fact that people who work on understanding our DNA always mention in their talks is that we have about 1.5 m of DNA in the nucleus of each of cells, and these nuclei are only around 5 thousandths of a millimetre across. 444 more words