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12. Gene Expression Revision

Learning Intentions:
Revise effectively for the end of unit test.

There are a couple of things you can do. Here’s what I would do:

1. Check on a list – what can you do? 107 more words


11. How Environment Affects Phenotype

Learning Intentions:

Explain how phenotype is affected by environment

Success Criteria:

Give examples of environmental factors that affect phenotypes

Give examples of traits that are affected by environment… 229 more words


10. Mutations and Mutagens

Learning Intentions:

Explain how mutations occur

Success Criteria:

Define “mutation” and “mutagen”
Describe point mutations
Describe three types of mutation and explain how they affect an individual… 209 more words


9. NCEA Practice of Metabolic Pathways

This is a lesson to get you familiar with the kinds of questions you will get about metabolic pathways.

1. Define the term “metabolic pathway” 87 more words


8. Metabolic Pathways

Learning Intention

Describe metabolic pathways as a series of linked reactions with an ultimate purpose(s).

Success Criteria

Describe a (bio)chemical reaction
Give examples of how more than one chemical reaction is required for a process/pathway¬†to occur… 513 more words


The Genetic Architecture of Gene Expression Levels in Wild Baboons

The Genetic Architecture of Gene Expression Levels in Wild Baboons

Jenny Tung, Xiang Zhou, Susan C Alberts, Matthew Stephens, Yoav Gilad
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1101/008490

Gene expression variation is well documented in human populations and its genetic architecture has been extensively explored. 273 more words

Gene Expression

What alters gene expression?

I’ve just come across some very interesting information. In genetics research they use certain substances which consistently increase or decrease gene expression. Gene expression means how actively a gene is doing its thing. 282 more words