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On Tuesday, September 2nd 2014, I recieved word that my test results for the gene mutation BRCA1/2 were positive. What that means is my risk for breast, ovarian, fallopian, pancreatic & a few other cancers is incredibly high. 965 more words


The Mutations, and The money-spinning design of Casinos; 14-Aug-2014

My favourite subject during college and masters’ was genetics. Topics such as gene-environment interactions that shape an individual fascinated me. They still do – the article today looks at how small changes in the genetic alphabet leads to major behavioural or biological changes. 290 more words

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A Primer on DNA and DNA Replication

A Primer on DNA and DNA Replication

Reporter and Curator: Larry H. Bernstein, MD, FCAP 



This is the FIRST discussion of a several part series leading from the genome, to protein synthesis (1), posttranslational modification of proteins (2), examples of protein effects on metabolism and signaling pathways (3), and leading to disruption of signaling pathways in disease (4), and effects leading to mutagenesis. 7,224 more words

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