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Occupy Central and Gene Sharp's work on nonviolent struggle

Over the last days, I have asked several Occupy Central activists if they have ever heard of Gene Sharp. Nobody did.

The nearly 90-year-old American scholar published extensively on nonviolent struggle. 501 more words


Gene Sharp on non-violent action

Gene Sharp, three time nominee for the Nobel Peace Price, is known for his writings on non-violent action and is widely seen as the one to have created a consistent theory around it. 598 more words


Could Hitler have been stopped non-violently?

Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi were born in the same era but choose radically different means to reach their goals. Gandhi even wrote in a letters to Hilter in 1939 saying, 679 more words


198 Methods of Nonviolent Action

Practitioners of nonviolent struggle have an entire arsenal of “nonviolent weapons” at their disposal. Listed below are 198 of them, classified into three broad categories: nonviolent protest and persuasion, noncooperation (social, economic, and political), and nonviolent intervention. 811 more words

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