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Did you spot all of the Bin Weevils Team members today?

Hello Bin Weevils!

To celebrate for the winner of the Easter Egg Competition, nearly every Bin Weevils Team member logged in to meet every one. I was delighted to meet all of these team members and seen them chat with their fellow friends! 69 more words

Bin Weevils

Why Sam loves Kiss (a piece by Sam)

Editor’s note: Chris and Todd know this one guy named Sam who likes to talk about Music or Space Shuttle? type topics. Perhaps you’ve seen his comments under some of our posts (he’s “sambob25″). 1,502 more words


Animalize Wembley '84

I bought this bootleg in London in 1986 and its a live recording from Wembley Arena December 14th, 1984. Fairly grim sound at moments but earphones on and the volume up helps quite a bit (duh). 159 more words


Paul Stanley To Rock Hall Of Fame: “We Can’t Believe One Stupid Gimmick Got Us This Far”

Friday night’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony certainly did not go as planned. The all-star gala turned into a near riot when Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley announced to the capacity crowd that he wanted to thank “all the morons who shelled out millions of dollars on our worthless toys and mindlessly dull records.” He continued, “if it weren’t for you people being dumb as a pail of hammers, I’d have never been able to afford all of the cars, drugs and mansions I’ve bought over the years with money that could have been used on things that actually might have bettered your lives.” 545 more words

Excessive Cruelty Towards Strangers


A few last thoughts about KISS:

  • One of their books (Ace, I think) accuses Paul of dressing up in a suit and tie and trying to act all professional in business meetings, but quickly getting bored and doodling large, veiny dicks all over his note pad.
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Guitar Player Wanted With Stash And Goofballs

At a certain point, every man must admit that he will not be the king of the nighttime world. Maybe becoming the king of the nighttime world wasn’t even a worthwhile goal. 2,001 more words