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Gene Wolfe and the Appeal of "Dark Logic"

I was listening to the podcast Speculate! a few weeks ago (it is one of the most intelligent podcasts about understanding and writing genre fiction that I have ever come across, so if you have never listened to it, go give it a shot).   917 more words


A few exciting things!

When I grow up I want to be an audiobook narrator like the Goddess Barbara Rosenblat, Queen of Voices.

However, until I attain this bright particular star, I’ve been honing my skills with various Podcastle projects like Martha Wells’ “ 157 more words

Tough Traveling — Messiahs

Every Thursday, Nathan at Fantasy Review Barn leads a group of fellow bloggers on “Tough Travels”, a trip through the tropes that populate the fantasy and sci-fi world, using Diane Wynne Jones’ hilarious… 582 more words

Gene Wolfe

The Claw of the Conciliator (1981) (Book of the New Sun #2) by Gene Wolfe

The following is a transcript of a conversation between From Couch to Moon and Gene Wolfe. Not really, but just go with me on this. ( 781 more words

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The Fifth Head Of Cerberus

The Fifth Head of Cerberus

By Gene Wolfe

“When I was a boy my brother and I had to go to bed early whether we were sleepy or not.” Quiet, and accessible; most of us can relate, whether or not we had brothers. 309 more words

Gene Wolfe

Reading The Shadow of the Torturer - Chapter VIII: The Conversationalist

SYNOPSIS: Severian continues his friendship with the imprisoned Thecla. Roche, on orders from Master Gurloes, takes Severian out to a brothel, evidently to help prevent the possibility of his relationship with Thecla becoming sexual. 497 more words

Pop Culture And Its Discontents

Released: "unlike molecules" EP

Over the past couple of months I have been fiddling with a MIDI keyboard and long, sustained, Richard Skelton-esque noises. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’ve made five  64 more words