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Am amețit de când

mă curbezi

Cu colțurile buzelor..

Simt striviri de gene

Și în pupile mă extinzi

De parc-am fi


Și-aș vrea să-ți spun… 16 more words

Unfulfilled Craving ...

I have had this crazy craving to do my Natal Astrology Analysis for 3 months now… I couldn’t before because of school, but with my time now opening up, I can do them!  22 more words

Finding the switch: Rutgers and other researchers create roadmap for gene expression


“Everyone has the same set of genes. It’s difficult to determine which genes are heritable, or controlled by your DNA, versus those that may be affected by the environment. 31 more words

My Nepali DNA!


Last Christmas, I gave away my spit but the very next month,
the DNA results came back making me feel: Not-So-Special

“Who am I?” 1,240 more words



I’ve decided to face the biggest decision in my nearly twenty one years and get the cancer genetic test as my mum had ovarian cancer nearly seven years ago and there is a high risk of breast cancer in my family. 423 more words

Healthy Eating

What's your favourite gene?

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I recently took part in the ‘I’m a scientist, get me out of here!’ outreach event. As soon as the school children found out I was a developmental geneticist and worked out what I did, one question I was repeatedly asked was: “what’s your favourite gene and why?” so for a bit of fun, I thought I’d share my thoughts and see what everyone else’s are too. 1,111 more words



When evaluating what makes an aquarium fish so popular, one must look at availability. How easy is it to obtain? What colors/fin styles is it available in? 386 more words