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My second room

Gene and I went to my parents’ house this weekend. For a month or so now, my mom has been planning what our room at her house will look like (as well as Kaitlin and Kevin’s room). 405 more words


You've Got To Be Kid-ding

Last Tuesday, I went to visit my friends, Matt and Ryn, as they had their second child in early August and I hadn’t seen the baby. 561 more words

End of Week 1

What a great start to the final school term! It was great to see all the smiling faces again and hear all their stories about what they did in their holidays. 283 more words


Video on what exactly a gene is

There’s a video on the evidence for evolution going around, but turns out the artist that made that video has made a number of them, including this one on the scientific understanding of a gene. 161 more words


Genetically Speaking, Could We Be Cousins?

Hard to believe, but we just might be near or distant cousins, or cousins once or more removed.  When I started my genealogy research about 35 years ago we may never have been able to answer my question about being cousins with any certainty in a single lifetime. 1,399 more words

Culture & Identity

Let's talk about BRCA

Today is my last day at work before my op in exactly 7 days time.

I haven’t been that open at work about the operation or BRCA and I think this is simply because most of my colleagues are men so I always feel like I’m embarrassing them and I think it’s also dealing with people’s reactions that puts me off too. 259 more words

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