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Walking Pippin

Yesterday, Gene and I went on a walk around the lake with Pippin. We’ve done it before with him, but not recently because of the weather, so I was glad we were all able to get out together. 364 more words


Mosquitos - fine-tuned by evolution to preferentially feed on humans

Would you look at that! The story of mosquitos, cheese and body odour has taken another leap into scientific respectability with a paper being published in the pinnacle of journals, Nature. 838 more words


Researchers uncover the epigenetic-based mechanism of newly discovered genetic disease.

Recently, a grassroots effort initiated by families and clinicians led to the discovery of a human genetic disorder with severe consequences that is linked to a mutation in the human NGLY1 gene. 575 more words


Thrift Trust

Trust is what I have
My trust is for thrift
My trust is not for sale

The yams I sowed
Trust I would water them… 66 more words


Top Ten Songs In Kendall World This Week:

1. Bubblegum – Kim Fowley
2. Hermann Loves Pauline – Super Furry Animals
3. Don’t Sleep Alone – Orlando
4. Electric Barbarella – Duran Duran… 29 more words

Do Viruses Make Us Smarter?

Researchers have long been aware that endogenous retroviruses constitute around five per cent of our DNA. For many years, they were considered junk DNA of no real use, a side-effect of our evolutionary journey.

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My iPod #407: Blur - Gene by Gene

The first time I heard “Think Tank“, Blur’s last album to date, was a few years ago when I listened to the band’s discography in chronological order a few years back. 404 more words