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Friday's Faces from the Past: The Kids

I believe my great-grandma (Erma (Almy) Witherell) is in the back on the right with the glasses. Some of these kids could be neighbors, cousins, even her siblings but I can’t tell. 12 more words


Wordless Wednesday: Doggie Tricks

This was taken in 1929 when Bobbie (my grandpa) was not even a year old yet. Mugs shows up in several pictures and I assume she is a friend of Erma’s, my great-grandmother. 13 more words


Mystery Monday: Lily Witherell Take Two!

One of the first mysteries I discussed on here was about my 3times great-grandmother, Lily (McLeod) Witherell. She is still a mystery, but during my BU course, I took a look at her burial record more closely. 2,345 more words


Thankful Thursday: Boston University Genealogical Research Certificate Program

As I mentioned in a previous post, I complete the Boston University’s 15 week course called the Genealogical Research Certificate Program. I had heard this program was intense and hard but incredibly worth it for those wishing to bring their genealogy to a more professional level. 1,077 more words


Wordless Wednesday: One Room School House

NOTE: I made some fixes on my blog today. I really hope that people’s wordpress feeds weren’t inundated with a bunch of my reposting of old blog posts but if they were, I apologize!  30 more words


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Church Ladies

These lovely church ladies were attending Mass on Easter Sunday in 1945. Mary Mirota was in the back row on the left, and according to the Parish History page of The Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, the priest was Father Albert Tomaszewski. 83 more words


Kissing Cousins

British author, genealogist and DNA expert, Debbie Kennett suggested I add this phrase to the geneadictionary. Kissing Cousins in genealogy often refers to cousins who form a romantic attachment or get married. 38 more words