How Calvin and Sarah Met (or the Geographical History of the Payne, Markley, and Croy Families)

Coshocton County, Ohio was formed out of Muskingum County in 1811.

The above map should help process things as we move along. (If I name a township in this post without indicating a county, assume Coshocton County, Ohio.) 1,218 more words

Family History


I am finally down from the tree…the genealogical tree that is! Let me explain.

Recently I had a friend call me and asked why I hadn’t written a blog in over a month. 928 more words

Writing Your Own Story

Have you ever wished that your ancestors had written their own autobiographies?  Wouldn’t it be great if your great-grandparents had written about their lives including facts about their daily lives, their religious and political beliefs, and their hopes and dreams for the future.  391 more words

Future Generations

County Adoption Records USA - A Primer to Genealogy Research

Adoption is a legal process that ultimately confirms the guardianship of the adoptive parents upon the adoptee. It is used to ensure betterment of the deprived or orphan child. 321 more words

Adoption Records

Meet Anna Rossi Torregrossa, Part Five

The 1940 Federal Census stated that Antonio Rossi had “other sources of income” in addition to the rental income from the two tenants who lived in the house he owned.  488 more words

Genealogical Research

The Country Wife's Camera Dream Came True...

For some years I have been saving money to purchase a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. I have a Canon Rebel which I purchased in 1993 but have not used since we got small digital cameras in 2000. 433 more words

Canon Rebel EOS

Meet Anna Rossi Torregrossa, Part Four


The 1930 and 1940 Federal Census records provide glimpses of the many changes the Rossi family went through.  Despite the hard times caused by the Great Depression, Antonio retained ownership of his home.  373 more words

Genealogical Research