1.John COLLINS (b. of Harbour Island, Eleuthera, d. bef 1808 Harbour Island, Eleuthera)
sp: Margaret SAWYER (b. ?6 Dec 1785? Harbour Island, Eleuthera) ? daughter of Edmund Sawyer and Mary ? 738 more words

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In 1779/1780 – the Board of Trade and Plantations correspondence between London and the Bahamas attest the presence of a certain George COLLINS esquire (Provost Marshall presumably in New Providence) and a certain William COLLINS esquire, member of the Bahamas Council. 508 more words

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Dorothy Kennedy 1909-2000: Loving memories of "Gram"

Dorothy Muriel Kennedy was the daughter of Thomas Aloysius and Genevieve (nee Callahan) Kennedy. Thomas is also known as Tom Kennedy, film star and comedian whose acting career began in the silent films produced by Mack Sennett. 786 more words

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Spring Break: A Good Friday to remember, April 18, 2014

On Good Friday I met the daughter and grandson of my late Great Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Irving. We connected through the postings in this blog about the Callahan and Kennedy families. 701 more words

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Jus Sanguinis: Don't Ever Ask If It Can Get Any Worse...

A yin yang of information has come my way.
In a yin yang, there is a big, white section with a small black dot and a big black section with a small white dot, right? 566 more words

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Spring Break Will Continue Until Mid-May...

I had planned on resuming the narrative about the Torregrossa family (my paternal ancestors) this weekend but so many developments have come up that I think a pause is in order. 857 more words

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The Elusive Emmett

To date, I have 1,285 individual citations for Emmett Wilson, organized in a biographical database. I also have about 300 articles still to be put into the database, and I add a few more every day. 661 more words

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