You just never know!

Well, you just never know when or where a grand clue might appear! While doing some fine-tuned searching for Civil War records of the seven great uncles who fought for the Union, I discovered this totally unrelated newspaper article from the Coshocton Tribune. 397 more words

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Ontario Wanderings: The Strathroy Public Library and Museum

After getting breakfast and several cups of coffee later, I walked down the street passed the City Hall to the Strathroy Public Library and Museum.  Yes, they are both sharing the space and it is very nicely laid out.   434 more words

Richard And Emma (Ward) Brown

Who was Margaret Pugh Croy’s father?

If your eyes are glazing just looking at this diatribe then read the bolded items and move on. Believe me, I understand. My hope was to reveal the thought and effort I put into my research. 762 more words

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The Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference: Part 2

I made a point of walking to the Alamo on my last day at the FGS Conference. My love of history spurred me to document my family’s history, and I certainly wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to explore one of the icons of American history. 603 more words

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The Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference 2014:Part 1

No, I’m not briskly traversing the famous walk in San Antonio right now. I’m in my hotel room after my first full day at the FGS Conference in San Antonio trying, after a first failed attempt, to remotely post my musings. 369 more words

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Have you ever searched for someone like Mr. Ruggles?

Before I return to the tedious tasks of wrapping and packing dishes and glasses I want to announce a new blog created earlier this month. 169 more words

Genealogical Research

I was wrong, or "Admit your weaknesses; foster your strengths."

Sometimes you just have to pull back and admit to making a leap of faith where none was warranted. Seeing things clearly through a blindfold of belief or hope or desire isn’t always easy. 518 more words

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