The Aftermath of Researching the Civil War


Is it the way of things that we discover the easier path at the end of a journey rather than the beginning? As in life, also true in research. 1,258 more words

Family History

Genetically Speaking, Could We Be Cousins?

Hard to believe, but we just might be near or distant cousins, or cousins once or more removed.  When I started my genealogy research about 35 years ago we may never have been able to answer my question about being cousins with any certainty in a single lifetime. 1,399 more words

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Seven Brothers and the War of Rebellion: Part Six

So what happened to the four brothers serving in the 92nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company G, after Missionary Ridge? Greer Croy labored in the 36th under Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley. 920 more words

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Seven Brothers and the War of Rebellion: Part Five

The five Croy boys who fought together on the Western Theatre received new orders. After taking Missionary Ridge in Tennessee and securing the supply lines and strategic placement of Chattanooga, the 92nd with Robert, William, Duncan, and David Croy moved south with Sherman. 704 more words

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Find your Ancestors in Limerick with the Click of a Mouse

Researching your family history in Limerick is now easier thanks to a unique online database of more than one million genealogical records for Limerick city and county. 205 more words

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Tombstone Tuesday: Oscar Garnett Compton, A Case Study in Historical and Ancestral Research

    Today’s Tombstone Tuesday article is a bit different since I’m presenting it as a case study.  Specifically, what search techniques can you use when you hit the so-called “brick wall”? 1,021 more words

Tombstone Tuesday

Terrific Job...

I worked with Fred on my family history.  He did a terrific job, and the end result was beyond anything I could have imagined at the outset. 8 more words

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