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Samuel McDonald II, husband of Anna Newton

A DNA match on 23andme.com to Anna Newton of Moss Point, Mississippi, has revived my interest in my McDonald line (my maternal great-grandmother). Anna married several times. 407 more words


Ave Maria - another chance, another child, another prayer

The long arm of fate reached back into the past, deep into the Carpathian mountains, and grabbed with open fingers, catching several families that would never know that one day 250 years later a woman in North America would go to the Western Union desk at her grocery store and find them there. 1,305 more words


N is for Newspapers

Newspapers are not only great for finding obituaries, but sometimes you can find items of interest that will flesh out the lives of your ancestors. I only have paid subscriptions to a couple genealogy services, and… 536 more words


1825 and 1842 lower Canada Census Records Available

According to an e-mail I received about an hour ago, Ancestry.ca now has what they describe as the oldest records available. In the e-mail, they announced: “Our new census records reveal the details of some of the earliest immigrants to Lower Canada (now… 242 more words


The Legacy of Rebecca Rosenzweig: Her Son, Irwin Elkins

I recently connected with Richard Elkins, the grandson of Rebecca Rosenzweig Elkin.  Rebecca died in 1921 at age 27, when her son Irving was less than two years old.  2,034 more words

Family Information And Updates

Jewish Discoveries - Time to make your own!

Have a good look at Jewish Discoveries, an excellent website with a positive message.

Many have written off Poland as dead and buried.
However, there is a Jewish revival which will come as a surprise.  93 more words


Jacob Bernfeld - Finding an Elusive Ancestor Part II

As I continued searching for Jacob Bernfeld, I uncovered additional records.  When researching family, names, dates and information often change from one record to the next.   863 more words