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Explorations of genealogy in experimental art in China

Explorations of genealogy in experimental art in China
By Laia Manonelles Moner
From Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art Volume: 1/ Issue 1

The twentieth century was a particularly eventful period for domestic life in the world’s most populous country. 493 more words

Visual Arts

Jessie Linto

It’s entirely possible that when Jessie Linto came into the world on 26 October 1898 her father (William Linto) was nowhere to be seen. As manager of John Henry Monger’s Daliak Estate at York, he was most likely present at the 22nd Royal Agricultural Show held in Guildford on the 25th and may not have returned home in time. 3,275 more words

Family Stories

Viva the Tidewater!

This question has long flummoxed me: “How can I self-identify as both a Southerner and an American and still find the mindset of fully half of my fellow countrymen utterly incomprehensible?” 645 more words


25 July - Martha Marie Tennant - Five Year Diary

1942 Aubrey went To work We went into Santa Maria late & came home & visited got print for a New Dress.

1943 We came home last Night got in at 2 Oclock & Dad went out at Noon. 14 more words

Rene Baron

Disabling Petitioner's Syndrome: Psychological and Structural Aspects

As I plod slowly along on the slow trail of information-gathering to hunt down trails of my possible genetic origins through different genetic testing tools, I sometimes note an obnoxious petitioner’s syndrome that being adopted [1] can engender. 828 more words


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