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New Zealand: Week 4

The One Where I Throw Myself Into My New Life. Quite Literally. 

After a busy Book Week last week, my forth week in New Zealand has been quieter in comparison, which is quite nice. 1,208 more words

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New Zealand: Week 3

The One Where I Have Green Hair

Week 3 has been SUCH A BUSY WEEK, which means this is quite a long post. So settle in with a brew and enjoy… 1,236 more words

General Adventures

New Zealand: Week 2

The One Where There Was Plenty of Backstreet Boys and That’s Totally Ok

As if this is the end of my second week in New Zealand, I already feel like I’m really into the swing of things. 937 more words

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New Zealand: Week 1

The One Where Being Cold in July is Normal and Not a Disappointing Summer.

I’m in New Zealand! I’ve also just finished my first week of work, so let’s have a round up of the adventure so far. 1,110 more words

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The Beginning

The One Where I Defer My Graduation Ceremony and Fly to New Zealand.

On the 17th of July 2014 at 11:45am I should be in the middle of my graduation ceremony, however I won’t be in Canterbury Cathedral, instead I’ll be landing in Auckland International Airport after 22hrs and 35mins of flying. 420 more words

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