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2014 Easter Egg Hunt

(or click to see him hunt for Easter eggs)

From Daddy: We had a great Easter egg hunt yesterday!

This Weekend


Swimming Hide & Seek! 309 more words

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Easter Cacti Hunt

From Daddy: Happy Easter!

We had an Easter egg hunt this morning (video to be posted later). Some time afterward, we went on a neighborhood bike ride and cacti hunt! 277 more words

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Fishing for Cavities & Easters Past

(or click to see him fish for cavities)

From Daddy: Yesterday morning, when we arrived at his before-school care program, we were informed (well, I was informed…maybe the boy already know) that there would be a Health Care Fair with games after school. 738 more words

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Connect Four

From Daddy: As mentioned in yesterday’s post, he has come to love Connect Four. Above is a photo of him happy joining a couple of boys who were playing when we arrived at Day Camp this morning. 487 more words

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Neighborhood Walk to Ice Cream

From Daddy: When I drove him to Day Camp this morning, the gate that we entered on yesterday and the day before was locked. We walked around the corner to the other gate and I watched him happily skip-shuffle the 250 feet or so to the stairs. 210 more words

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Swinging into Science

This Morning

On the way to school, we saw our neighborhood’s blue Smart Car, which he and I like to spot. We did not see our neighborhood’s black Smart Car–which we also like to locate–and we haven’t seen it for a while. 625 more words

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Grandma, Granddad, and the Banquet

From Daddy: Fun time at the banquet!

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Also, swimming class earlier in the day:

(or click to see the swimming) 296 more words

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