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Birding News #87

:: In a new study, scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources found that corn and perennial grassland fields in the southern part of the state… 214 more words

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Birding News #86

:: A Kansas university student discovered a rare prehistoric bird skeleton — the remains of a toothed flying bird, IIchthyornis, from the Mesozoic Era (252 million to 66 million years ago). 185 more words

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Birding News #84

:: Birds have better judgment of their body width than do humans, according to a research project to design autonomous aircraft navigation systems, at the Queensland Brain Institute’s Neuroscience of Vision and Aerial Robotics laboratory. 221 more words

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Birding News #83

The big news this week was, of course, the National Audubon Society’s report on climate change, which is likely to so change North America’s bird population that nearly half the approximately 650 species will be forced to either smaller spaces or new places to inhabit, feed, and breed over the next 65 years, with extinction a likely prospect for many species… 186 more words

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New Bird Canada Blog Post

My monthly post is up at the Bird Canada blog, Early Autumn on the Prairies. Come over and join us!

A Black-capped Chickadee,

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Birding News #82

:: A remarkable photo, taken last December, of a Mascarene Petrel — not only is it one of the first photos taken at sea of the rare species, but it’s the… 179 more words

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