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I’ve really been slacking on my blogging and photography 101 challenge lately. I’m going to blame it on the holidays. I’m also going to blame the holidays as to why I haven’t gone to the gym in two weeks, too. 69 more words


The Second Post

Hello again!

Firstly, a quick Thank You! to everyone who has read, liked or followed my blog in the past week, I promise to do my best to keep writing and filling your feeds with literary tidbits. 185 more words


Day 14 - Swarm

Today’s Photography 101 topic is swarm. Graduating with my MPA was one of the most exciting times of my life. I walked out down the red carpet feeling like a million bucks and was taken back by the amount of people who were there. 26 more words


The quintessential 'First Post', always titled 'First Post'.


Welcome to the Tales of Bee!

In case I haven’t made it obvious enough, my name, or the name I’m going to go by for the purposes of this blog, is Bee! 199 more words


Thankful in ALL Circumstances

It is unclear as to when the penmanship of Psalm 23 occurred, but one thing that’s apparent to me is David’s reflection of his life and his gratitude to God! 207 more words

General Blogs

Day 13 - Moment

Today’s theme is to capture a moment. I love this topic because my favorite thing is taking those candid photo shots when no one is looking. 80 more words


Day 12 - Architecture

On today’s Blogging U’s Photography 101 challenge we have to capture architecture and translate it into black and white. I thought, what greater photo than our very own World Smallest Skyscraper! 68 more words