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My Easter declutter !

Make some money over Easter with a quick declutter using your free 2good2tip shop.

With Easter upon us, if you are anything like me bashing down the motorway on a long bank holiday weekend is a real no no. 122 more words


Blog With Me So I Know It's Real

Well here I am, and there you are. Reading this blog. That is pretty exciting! I never thought I would be one to blog, but they have always fascinated me (specifically the Julie & Julia style blogs, if you don’t know what that is then your parents must not love food and/or Meryl Streep).   487 more words


The Most Effective Way to build Explosiveness

Explosive strength is a must for just about all sports.  Being explosive is one of the key characteristics which define a great athlete.  An American Football linebacker making a tackle, an Ice Hockey player checking and opponent, a grappler shooting and grounding an opponent, all of this is about explosiveness.  660 more words

On a More Personal Note

There has been a lot going on in my life as of late. In February I was laid off from my job, crappy as it may have been, and that was weighing on me pretty heavily. 508 more words


Co-Prez Election Time!

It’s that time of year again Sabres!  Election time yet again.  We’ve been assigned to say who we’re going to vote for, and to include our three most important issues at our school.   292 more words

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"Calm Down Rosa Luxemburg"

Wit and education only give a bad argument the gloss of authority. The quote of the title comes from a criticism of the women’s rights campaigner Maryam Namazie. 633 more words


Independence Day?

Independence Day in the United States of America is by far the most celebrated holiday about our nation.  Some will go to lakes or national parks and go swimming and cookout.  594 more words

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