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The Horrors of Writing or Just Poor Planning and Ideas?

No one said it would be easy. I know that from the get go. I accept and embrace it in my humble quest to become a writer of emotional and touching poetry, of intriguing historic and contemporary romance novels (yes, I do still believe in true love, though I live the single life and had one too many heartbreaks to try and attempt my own love story anytime soon – that in its own is another boring story), a creator of fantasy worlds in both the paranormal and everyday worlds of fantasy created by the imagination – my overly so one in particular! 1,367 more words

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Home Made Degustation

To celebrate my darling’s birthday we decided not to go out, so I said I would do a degustation menu. Here are the results, including homemade bread rolls and lemon sorbet between courses. 70 more words

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Coppice's Got Talent

What did you think of the year 6 Leaver’s Show? Were you in the audience or taking part? What was the best part, the funniest part, the most surprising part? 13 more words

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Hello Clevedon !

Welcome all new shops in our Clevedon community !http://www.2good2tip.com/index.php?group/view/243/clevedon – good to see this oneĀ building and lots of interesting stuff for sale

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Quote of The Day

Just something random. I found it fitting.

The most intelligent people are often the saddest and most depressed because they actually understand how shitty the world is.


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Another Weekend Without a Call...


Since going into confinement we are not able to speak to one another as often as we were before. I guess we are lucky that at this particular facility they allow a single 15 minute phone call once a week. 144 more words

15 Minute Phone Calls

Camp Nanowrimo is here and it gave me new hope

It’s been a while…

yeah, I know. Depression and lack of encouragement and self belief had a hold on me again. And not for the first time either. 342 more words

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