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#Nashville gets a mention in article RT

#Nashville gets a mention in article RT @EntMagazine: 5 Lessons From Silicon Valley for Developing Business Hubs http://t.co/lF5kNCCGL8 ^NW

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Reaffirming a Mortgage: Pros and Cons

Reaffirming a loan—that is, waiving the discharge of a loan in Chapter 7 bankruptcy—comes with its share of pros and cons. Before reaffirming your mortgage, you should consider the following:


How To Be A Standout In Your Crowded Market

It doesn’t matter which business vertical you happen to be in, every market has plenty of competition – make that global competition. So, if you’re to compete, you have to figure out how to make your product or service stand out among the saturated market of your competitors. 329 more words

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Options against Foreclosure in Florida

When it comes to foreclosure rankings, Florida has been in and out of the number one position for some time now. If you’re facing foreclosure today, perhaps you can find comfort in the fact that you are not alone in your plight, and that not every outlook in this situation is bleak. 173 more words


Four Towers in the Business Area of Madrid

Over one hundred districts comprise the city area of Madrid, and each of them has certain distinctive features, something that makes it a little bit different from other districts. 460 more words

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Fail, Fail, Fail

Why failure is great for your music career.

by Brendan James Marcel

Fail early and fail fast! That is the entrepreneur’s (you are a musicpreneur… 225 more words

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3 Places for Musicians to Learn Business Online via Video

Best sources for learning business and entrepreneurship on Youtube that I have found thus far!

Brendan James Marcel

Harvard iLab: What school better than Harvard to teach you business and entrepreneurship. 435 more words

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