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Computer games

I have always loved computer games, from the first computer we had with a floppy disk with the likes of ‘alley cats’ and ‘paratrooper’ on it and a copy of ‘Dizzy, prince of the Yolk Folk’ I have enjoyed playing them.  421 more words

General Chat

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If you have pop-ups disabled you may need to ‘right click and open in new tab’ to read each post. 6 more words


HELP SAVE THE TATAS!!!! with Kristen Hope Mazzola

In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

Kristen Hope Mazzola is going to be donating 50% of her royalties from the sale of Crashing Back Down… 11 more words

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Finding overlapping rectangles

This is a classic quick programming puzzle: write a function that, given two rectangles, will determine if the triangles overlap. I found this puzzle over on… 452 more words

Programming interview questions

At my last company I was a team lead and, as such, was one of those responsible for interviewing new candidates. Although I didn’t enjoy the process much, I did become interested in the sorts of technical questions / exercises we could set to get a good judge of a candidate’s abilities. 702 more words

Calorie Counting Makes You Fat

This post was previously written for another blog but now sits perfectly within this one.

While chatting to people on internet forums I find myself repeatedly banging on about two particular books, so I figured I’d write an explanation as to why I have this particular OCD and put a link to it from my signature.  1,234 more words

Diet Plans

Welcome Friends

Although this blog is nowhere near ready for launching properly, I have asked a few friends to subscribe and give me some feedback.

Thank you so much to those who do.   137 more words