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Awesomeness and doubt. An explanation for my absence.

Edit to add this preface because someone took things literally:  If you feel that your doctor prescribed and monitored treatment plan is working for you, by all means, stick with it! 700 more words

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I’m starting this blog because after spending a brilliant summer holiday with my friends, family and wonderful girlfriend, I would like to start something creative as this summer draws to a close to keep me busy and thinking. 41 more words


Cheap autumn sown broad beans

When I realised I didn’t have any seeds for November I went to Wyevale Keston to find that all seeds were 50p a packet to Garden Club cardholders (half price to others). 15 more words

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Results from a fantastic poll (Link)

A couple of days ago I posted about my hope that my writing and stories turned readers on.  Now, obviously the next step to being a little turned on, after being even more turned on, is having a little tease and play.   162 more words

Erotic Fiction

Welcome; my name is Nabu Black.

OK.  So its a little bare at the moment.  I agree.  But, welcome anyway.  My name is Nabu Black, and I like to read and write erotic fiction.   62 more words

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Some weeks ago I ordered a new bike.
A Ducati.
Not the expensive one.

The intention being to pick it up a day or 2 after getting my license back. 288 more words

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An Engineers Apprentice

By Claire Mellett and Jenny Gales (British Geological Survey)

A typical day for us usually involves sitting behind a desk staring at a computer in the basement of the BGS Edinburgh office. 908 more words