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Amazon Feud(s) are Making Way for New and Improved Independent Online Bookshops

Watching Amazon fight with Hachette was starting to feel like watching your parents fight – you can’t take sides because as a book lover they both offer you different, but highly valuable, services. 883 more words

General Chatter

Pictures of pretty shoes :-)

As I said in the post before,  no point “reviewing” shoes here.  Let’s just enjoy beautiful shoes together without all the palaver?


Suzan 36 more words


Waiting for that "ah ha" moment.

For some reason I find myself waiting for that “ah ha” moment. When it will just click and my mind will be set straight and I will stop over eating and be able to control the way I think about food. 116 more words

General Chatter

Chatting about shoes and other things.


Well, that didn’t take them long to get this gorgeous looking pair of shoes up on their site.

SYBILLA PUMP WITH ANKLE STRAP – Purchase information. 792 more words



Apologies for the title, no I haven’t gone all Braveheart (although there are worse things to do with your day), instead I have finally finished my MA! 184 more words


A Misspent Childhood: Books I Wish I’d Read as a Child, and Well-Loved Books Worth Revisiting

Recently the memory of a book I was given as a child by my Dad re-emerged while I was telling a colleague an anecdote. He loves classical history, and I mentioned this obscure book that I had been given when I was around 11 or 12, that I don’t believe I fully understood at the time. 1,111 more words

Book Reviews

Answer Time


A few years has gone by since I’ve done a Q&A post.

So, here goes. :-)

Q. What made you get into latex?

A. I’ve always liked shiny things. 1,201 more words