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8) The Human Termite!

When you think steroids you think big gym bunny wanting to get massive, not so much in the case of Leukaemia.

Chemo Kid started her steroid regime 6 days after being diagnosed and it’s a major part in cancer treatment, which I would never really have guessed. 352 more words

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7) It's My Ball!

Be a tricky post to write this one…but here goes.

EVERYONE wants to help when they find out and you can’t really stop them. My family and my wife’s are very different, her’s very hands on, see them daily, mine can go without seeing them for a few weeks and it doesn’t really seem to cause any issues. 457 more words

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3) FunDay Monday..

After a weekend that felt like an eternity, Monday morning arrived. Mondays plan which was all arranged the night before, consent forms sorted and everything put in place so that if things happened quick we wouldn’t be held up because a box wasn’t ticked. 552 more words

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2) The Day After Yesterday..

Saturday, was the day after Friday, but not the day after most normal Friday’s.

Chemo Kid was admitted to the RVI on the night of the 12th and it was the morning of lucky 13 that I made my way on a journey that is now pretty engrained in the old grey matter, but first there was a small and very difficult conversation to be had. 765 more words

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1) Thor's hammer!


The 12th of September 2014 was one of those days that shall be in my calendar. It’s the day that I walked out of one job and finally after much searching and waiting, walked into a full time one and in the process hopefully laying to bed all the money worries that have been there the last few months, it’s also the day one of the most perfect things in the world changed for ever. 330 more words

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I haven’t blogged for a while, but have been very busy on the Commodore front.

My Pakratt  64 arrived, still haven’t tested it yet. Re-arranged the Commodore Shack to accommodate the Pakratt and a new VHF Scanner,bought from a member of the local Ham Radio Club.   179 more words


London Art Book Fair 2014: Books vs the (Post) Digital Revolution

This was my first time at the London Art Book Fair – a relatively small but buzzy affair held at the Whitechapel Gallery, populated with the very best in art book publishers and booksellers, and visited by the very best in heartbreakingly trendy art book enthusiasts. 963 more words

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