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How much water are you drinking?

The baby is taking a nap, my threenager is distracted with Daniel Tiger, and my big kid is taking a History test.. so I have a little free time. 522 more words

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Why rain? Why!

Today has been a pretty crappy day as far as the weather goes, it’s cold, raining and pretty dark. Perfect weather to curl up on the couch watching Bones marathon, eating some Cheetos, snuggled up in my favorite Clemson hoodie. 195 more words

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What in the World?

Oh Hi there yall! I havent disappeared, promise! I did sorta drop off the face of the blog-world. Sorry guys!!! Xoxo. But Im back ( 288 more words

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5 Things for graduates to do while they search for a job

OK, as we have established before, I’m a recent graduate and as I’m sure you all also know, it is almost impossible to find a job at the moment. 1,059 more words

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My feedback of Aurora Tea by Taryn on Adagio Teas

I have friends that order their tea from adagio and frequently talk about how good some of the signature belnds are so I FINALLY tried some myself. 270 more words

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A street light

~Sources of Joy ~ Day 208

I have been logging in my various sources of joy on Facebook instead of here for far too long. It was less time-consuming, and on that platform I do not feel obliged to provide a picture to go with the story. 383 more words

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12) Life

Been a while since I posted, sorry.

The thing you hear daily, from most people, is “You’re coping so well.” or “I couldn’t do it, I just couldn’t cope.” Which is nice to hear, because on the outside, you must be managing to keep up a good show. 475 more words

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