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A Misspent Childhood: Books I Wish I’d Read as a Child, and Well-Loved Books Worth Revisiting

Recently the memory of a book I was given as a child by my Dad re-emerged while I was telling a colleague an anecdote. He loves classical history, and I mentioned this obscure book that I had been given when I was around 11 or 12, that I don’t believe I fully understood at the time. 1,111 more words

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Answer Time


A few years has gone by since I’ve done a Q&A post.

So, here goes. :-)

Q. What made you get into latex?

A. I’ve always liked shiny things. 1,201 more words


Book Slam at York Hall, 12th August

Recently I bagged myself a much coveted ticket to the first Book Slam to take place at the infamous East London boxing venue, York Hall, in anticipation of an excellent line-up. 554 more words

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RIP Robin Williams. A lesson in depression.

Robin Williams. The man who defined comedy. A genius, loved by millions. So what did he have to be depressed about?
Absolutely nothing, and that’s the point. 385 more words

General Chatter

Oh so quite......

Sssshhhh! I’m hiding! From my children and reality!

Im under my duvet hoping no one finds me lol! Call it a time out but it’s needed and well deserved. 153 more words



While the other half and myself have had tonsilitise and conjunctivitis and been bed bound for a week (The plus side was She couldn’t talk and I couldn’t see her!) I am now back and feeling much better. 167 more words

I've become Bridget Jones!

It’s true, I am Bridget Jones with children!!

I have entered the realms of singledom yet again and the only 2 things I could think to myself were (in no particular order) … 163 more words