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Is anyone else watching this eclipse? It’s awesome.

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PAX Round Up 2014

Dear Reader,

I’m in a very satisfying position right now, sitting before my computer in my own home, having slept in my own bed, with my buddy playing The Stanley Parable for the first time, so I get to hear him play through and the decisions he made. 1,338 more words

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Gravity down a darker path.

Here is another piece of writing from Mykh, let me know what you think.

A deeper murk lies upon the unwary astral traveller, as exists hypotheses of weights immeasurable, and of a light consuming blackness. 66 more words

Bell Night

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From one of my favorite bloggers: Bell Night!

Echoes and Memories

On April 13, 2014, we locked up our home at 5735 Sioux Drive, and we didn’t take a key with us. Moving is undeniably a part of life that each one of us goes through, but I am compelled to write a send off for the place I called home for so many years. 469 more words

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Are we wasting our time playing video games?

I’m sure you’ve already answered NO, and obviously I will always answer the same. Video games provide us with entertainment and some studies show evidence of video games aiding in things such as brain development in kids as well as reducing stress and depression (unless you play Darksouls). 552 more words