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Flitting Around

Dear Reader,

Last week was – well – it was a rough one.  You read all about it.  By comparison, this week has been pretty sweet.   768 more words

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New Ventures

Lately, I have been trying new things. One in particular is Video Editing, and I have been having a significant amount of fun doing it. In my alter existence as an actor, I have been hosting a Web Series which highlights things going on in the Perth Film and Theatrical communities. 1,096 more words

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White Gold: 'Demanding' Another Side to the Ivory and Rhino Horn Trade Debate

By Georgina Chandler 

The Ivory and Rhino horn trade are two of the most discussed, debated and still unresolved issues in conservation. In recent years demand for such products has increased steadily despite large conservation efforts and many, many conversations surrounding the solutions or compromises. 1,515 more words

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Game Boy Music

Favourite Game Boy song ever: Kirby’s Dream Land – Green Greens. ‘Nuff said. It just makes me so happy, all those memories of playing the game :)


Take a GOOD picture of glass? . . .Not sure about the good part!

One of the things I like most about making beautiful glass is showing it to people. Often that means taking a photograph. A bad photograph is okay if it is seen on the small screen of a smart phone but taking good quality photographs to use for things like this blog or to list items on Etsy can be difficult. 596 more words



Dear Reader,

Before I get into all the crabby negativity, my first post is up at Epic Slant.  Go check it out!  It’s positivity in print! 733 more words

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A quick and easy way to make those quotes you find (or create yourself!) look professional. Students could use this tool to design posters for assignments, or use to display quotes in the classroom. 7 more words

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