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GE Launches an Interface Board to Let You Hack Their Appliances

General Electric is releasing an interface board that will let you program and control their smart appliances, and they’re giving away a batch of ovens and refrigerators to makerspaces to help launch the project. 282 more words


Deconstructed Locomotive Will Power Nigeria’s Economy

Nigeria has fast become Africa’s largest economy, but its infrastructure is still lagging.

The electrical grid is so unpredictable that many businesses use natural gas to produce their own power. 416 more words

When Dad Got Sick, GE Family Day, and How I Reached Out For Help The First Time

The following is the kind of letter I sent to lawyers for help when this first started, though I have cut some out of it, it gives you the gist of everything, and where I am coming from. 1,407 more words


General Electrics' Big Fat Lies About Asbestos, Video Deposition and Kids Playing Inside GE on Family Day!

I am sharing a video about What GE Knew About the Dangers of Asbestos Below. This is a chilling video that is the Deposition of Marjorie Drucker. 575 more words


What? GE Killed Your Father? What the Hell Did GE Do? Why this Blog?

Where to begin, well, that is the tough part. This blog will be the story of my fathers’ work at GE (General Electric). The story of the only child that loved him and lost him too young. 419 more words


Algoriddim Releases djay 2.6 with General Electric

Look, even the most benign iPad DJ has a leg up on the likes of faux DJ’s the likes of Paris Hilton.  With the recent release of Algoriddim’s new djay 2.6 with General Electric, iPad selectors the world over can widen the gap between their skills and Ms Hilton’s by utilizing its new features such as a bundle of original mechanical sounds, an improved key-matching Spotify integration and a new MIDI controller, the DDJ-WeGo3, from leading DJ brand Pioneer DJ.   44 more words

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Case Study #1 by Kaitlyn Bouchillon

Name of the business:

General Electric, specifically their Tumblr page: http://generalelectric.tumblr.com

Slogan: imagination at work

General Electric, often called GE, builds appliances and leads the way in finding solutions for lighting, power systems, and other products. 455 more words

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