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New Release: Birds of Spirit - A Novel of Intrigue

 Birds of Spirit is a novel about love of land and family, betrayal and hope in an increasingly destructive world.  Amie  Fotheringay, a widow with a child, is determined to nurture her husband’s memory and her child back to health.  132 more words



Author: Emma Donoghue
Publisher: Picador
Star Rating: 5/5
Date Read: April 16th to 17th, 2014
It didn’t take me long to read this book. 24 hours. 445 more words

Book Review

Promo ~ Retarded Girl Raised in Dog Pen

Publication Date: March 15, 2014

Genre: Fiction/Mystery

Publisher: Sartoris Literary Group


Retarded Girl Raised in Dog Pen by Lauren Leigh is a spellbinding murder mystery that offers a sympathetic look at the struggles faced by individuals with disabilities. 1,239 more words


A Slight Trick of the Mind, by Mitch Cullin

Set in 1947, this well reviewed novel features a 93 year old Sherlock Holmes as imagined by Cullin in Holmes’ declining years. There are three intertwined plot lines. 103 more words

Staff Picks

N is for ... Nexus

Happy to be going back to work after spending a stressful day recovering from my encounter with pepper spray, thanks to Bob, I opened up shop with a smile on my face. 404 more words


M is for ... Maniacal Mischief

Hospital food is much better than I remember it as a child, when I was admitted for a burst appendix. Still, I would much rather have been opening up the bookshop on a Tuesday morning. 282 more words


The Perfect Affair (The Shady Sisters Trilogy Book 1) by Lutishia Lovely

Generally being in love is a wonderful thing, when two people are involved.  There are dreams of life ever after and smiles and giggles.  Then reality settles in and you wonder where did all of this come from and you are amazed that your dreams did not look like this.   254 more words

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