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Video Post: Stretches that can be done at your desk or in the office

Hey everyone, this weeks post is a video I worked on for eHow about stretches that can be done in the office or at your desk.  

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11.16.14 - Acceptance & Change

“When I accept myself as I am, then can I change.” – Carl Rogers

Only when I accept that I am a beginner can I face a new task, learn and grow.

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Ich möchte verzollen... (I'd like to declare...) : My Life and Other Excuses

Hi there, neglected blog. I just wanted to offer an update/excuse…
My life has suddenly been a chaotic balancing act of two internships and one almost full time job, a new puppy, being a wife/homemaker (call me old fashioned, but I LOVE taking care of my husband- even if that means cooking dinner and folding a load of laundry instead of going for a run), and it is November. 235 more words

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The Lost Chinatown of New Orleans

New Orleans’ once bustling Chinatown was one of the largest in the country, behind San Francisco and New York City. Due to numerous obstacles, ranging from stringent immigration policies to excessive demolition, Chinatown eventually faded from both modern maps and, for most residents, our collective memory. 988 more words

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Top 5 Bodyweight Exercises

With my new book, Doorframe Pull-up Bar Workouts out this week, a new blog post seemed appropriate. My book is centered around exercises that can be done at home (or anywhere) with a pull-up bar. 450 more words

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Home, Sweat, Home

For years I’ve only considered the gym or sports as a workout but doing a workout at home is just as good, plus you avoid those excuses, ‘it’s too cold’ or ‘the traffics bad at this time.’ 265 more words


Body weight heavily influenced by gut microbes: Genes shape body weight by affecting gut microbes

Date: November 6, 2014
Source: King’s College London

Our genetic makeup influences whether we are fat or thin by shaping which types of microbes thrive in our body, according to a new study. 61 more words

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