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A beautiful and storied ship, part one

As many of you already know, I am a lover of history.  Maritime history is especially one of my favorite sub-fields of history, and I love to see historic ships or reproductions of historic ships at any opportunity.   893 more words

So a book came out this week, you may have heard...

I may have mentioned in this space that Amanda Palmer had a book publishing this week.  Geoff and I were lucky that we were able to go to the midnight book release party of of her first literary offering, … 270 more words

Entertainment Geekly: On 'Dogma,' Kevin Smith, and the road not taken

Let’s pretend there are two Kevin Smiths: Kevin Smith the Film Director, and Kevin Smith the Everything Else.

Consider the latter: Kevin Smith is a podcaster many times over. 3,344 more words


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I remember watching this movie when it premiered, and there were just a few of us in the movie theater. But I had a hell of a time with a classmate from one of my college classes, and we both loved the movie. After all these years, this is still my favorite Kevin Smith film. This movie is starting to get more love since it first hit theaters, and people who haven't seen it yet should give it a viewing. BONUS! God's Canadian. ;)

Requiem for a Bookstore

Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that independent bookstores are a bit hard to come by these days.  We’re lucky here in the People’s Republic, because we still have a lot of them.   243 more words


Right, so, I started this, then dropped it. I’m going to ATTEMPT to resurrect it again. I have no idea what I will be doing with it, but I will be doing something. 30 more words

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Autumn in New England

It has been kind of strange that we had such a dry, warm September, and there have been some warm days in October too.  But I think you can’t deny that fall has finally arrived in Greater Boston. 440 more words

A child's wisdom.

Everyone who’s ever had contact with a young child knows that they have a tendency to just blurt out whatever pops into thier heads.  They tend to have impulse control in that department. 308 more words