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I think I like Yorkshire

Although Kelly has been to the UK before, I have myself never been there.  So I have no idea what I would actually make of anyplace in the UK, frankly.   279 more words

What's Your (Ice Cream) Flavor?

by Cake & Poison

If you aren’t already subscribed to “So… This Happened” on YouTube, you need to be.

Started earlier this year by NerdInTheCity… 104 more words

Nerdin' Out

The identity of Lightbringer - a theory

OK, that title alone should constitute a spoiler warning for anyone who might otherwise complain about spoilers.

Kelly and I may have figured out something highly significant, with the assistance of the new book George R.R. 1,170 more words

A beautiful and storied ship, part two

So like I was saying in my earlier post, I managed to get a pretty-much full tour of the Fletcher-class destroyer USS Cassin Young… 833 more words

A beautiful and storied ship, part one

As many of you already know, I am a lover of history.  Maritime history is especially one of my favorite sub-fields of history, and I love to see historic ships or reproductions of historic ships at any opportunity.   893 more words

So a book came out this week, you may have heard...

I may have mentioned in this space that Amanda Palmer had a book publishing this week.  Geoff and I were lucky that we were able to go to the midnight book release party of of her first literary offering, … 270 more words