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Congratulations, #AlisonBechdel !

One of my favorite cartoonists (whom Kelly and I had the privilege of meeting a few years ago) has won a MacArthur “Genius Grant“.   239 more words

Whosoever holds this hammer, if she be worthy...

I’ve never redeemed any of my GameStop PowerUp Reward Points. Until about two weeks ago. I don’t have a Pro membership, and my game purchases are sporadic at best. 225 more words

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The Baddest Man (Un)Alive: The (Unofficial) Arkhan the Black Mixtape

A few days ago, I posted ‘The Nine Tracks of Nagash’, my unofficial End Times mixtape, celebrating the macabre machinations of Mannfred von Carstein, one of the protagonists of… 160 more words

Black Library

Battle for the Net

Today is the internet slowdown.
Protect the net, do something about it.

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Defining Strong Women in Media: Game of Thrones

I spent the last few days of my summer break catching up on HBO’s epic series Game of Thrones. I was an avid fan of the show during it’s first and second seasons, but fell behind in 2012 when I began my Master’s program at the University of South Carolina.  801 more words

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So, there’s been some discussion across the interwebs about what folks ought to read, in order to fully enjoy The Return of Nagash. Seeing as I’m the author, I thought I might make some suggestions. 639 more words

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Are You Attending Fan Expo Canada or DragonCon This Weekend? Looking For Guest Writers!

Dear Geeky Travelers -

Do you like to write? Do you like to share your experiences with the world? Are you willing to write a guest post or several and have it seen by at least a few people? 401 more words

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