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'A Country Composed of Cellars...'

 “That country where it is always turning late in the year. That country where the hills are fog and the rivers are mist; where noons go quickly, dusks and twilights linger, and midnights stay. 48 more words

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New Interview

I’m a few days late mentioning this, but better late than never, right? Right. Anyway, the kind gentlemen at the Index Nocturnus podcast interviewed me this week, and lo and behold, … 65 more words

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'Beware the Autumn People...'

“Beware the autumn people… For some, autumn comes early, stays late through life…For these beings, fall is the ever normal season, the only weather, there be no choice beyond. 112 more words

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Congratulations, #AlisonBechdel !

One of my favorite cartoonists (whom Kelly and I had the privilege of meeting a few years ago) has won a MacArthur “Genius Grant“.   239 more words

Whosoever holds this hammer, if she be worthy...

I’ve never redeemed any of my GameStop PowerUp Reward Points. Until about two weeks ago. I don’t have a Pro membership, and my game purchases are sporadic at best. 225 more words

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The Baddest Man (Un)Alive: The (Unofficial) Arkhan the Black Mixtape

A few days ago, I posted ‘The Nine Tracks of Nagash’, my unofficial End Times mixtape, celebrating the macabre machinations of Mannfred von Carstein, one of the protagonists of… 160 more words

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Battle for the Net

Today is the internet slowdown.
Protect the net, do something about it.

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