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Missing characters in ASOIAF/GoT

While writing about Jaqen H’Ghar and Syrio Forel the other day, it occurred to me that there are a number of characters whose fate is uncertain.   676 more words

Random thoughts about nails, hair, and cultural norms

Sometimes, the internet can be a dangerous place. Today I was sitting around, watching stuff on the computer and painting my nails.  I painted them black, because there is a 13 year old Goth girl still living inside me and sometimes she gets her way. 511 more words

I've created a Spider-monster...

The kid’s birthday is comming up in a few days.  He’s turning 5. Awhile ago, I asked him what kind of cake he wanted, and we picked out Spiderman.  370 more words


The Faceless Men in ASOIAF/GoT

So I haven’t written much lately, and I have been meaning to do something about that.

I have had this idea in my mind about some stuff from the books (and some on TV too, but mostly the books) concerning the mysterious assassins from Braavos: … 1,180 more words

Life lessons learned from "The LEGO Movie"

My son is…slightly…obsessed with The LEGO Movie right now.  I think he watches it about 10 times a week.  And Everything is Awesome is sung EVERYDAY.  871 more words


Ghibli Up, It's Nostalgia Time

There’s been a lot of talk about Studio Ghibli lately, and how, chances are, it’s going to be closing its doors to feature film production (a synopsis can be found… 188 more words


Great, Now I'm Craving Steak.

So, apparently, Bat-Cow is a real thing.  When the boy mentioned it in a conversation this weekend, I thought it was a joke.  Then, I looked it up and found that it does exist. 31 more words