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A colourful Atlas

From small books to large, this time we have an item from the oversize section in our special collections, Edward Quin’s Historical Atlas. This book was published in 1830, two years after the author’s death, and continued to be published in various forms for about thirty years. 624 more words

19th Century,

Limited Friendship: Germany and Turkey, 1918-33

Sabine Mangold-Will’s study of the relationship of the Weimar Republic and Turkey describes the construction of a myth of a friendship and cultural connection that was used by both countries in the push for a revision of the Versailles Treaty and the fight against a perceived unrestricted modernization in general.

–> Review (in German)

German History

Wars waged on maps

Spiegel Online has an interesting article today (in German) discussing the geo-political aspect of maps in school textbooks. Besides obvious examples of the disputed territorial boundaries of Ukraine and Kashmir, there is a great… 33 more words

German History

A Team and A Plan

Today I met with my General Therapist (GT). She is just as excited as I am about my DID Therapist (DT). Why have a team? Well, when you have a physical ailment like cancer or a heart problem, you don’t go to your PCP and say fix me do you? 184 more words


Off we go!

On Thursday, March 20, 2014 after a hard day and some coaching from my General Therapist I practiced the new skill-set and went to bed. I don’t want to use Primary and DID as they are equally important. 368 more words

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How did I get to the point of needing professional help?

As I explained in the ABOUT section, I have lived with MPD/DID for most, if not all, of my life. Was I born this way? -NO. 534 more words


Aviation Scrapbook: A Long-Lost Treasure from the Attic

For as long as I can recall, this picture, painted by my father in his teen years, hung in the bedrooms of my youth; now, it graces a wall in my den. 1,231 more words

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