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Return of the "Big Picture"?

Historians Jo Guldi and David Armitage have published the History Manifesto (free download on Cambridge University Press), challenging the increasing specialization and limitation of historical inquiry. 178 more words

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Ithaca's Sanborn Maps

This post was inspired by two events – a reader messaging me and asking about asking historic maps, and another reader telling me about the history of the Cayuga Place/Lofts @ Six Mile Creek site. 753 more words


Do You Like Pop Music? If So, You Should Thank Bing Crosby!

If the name “Bing Crosby” kindles any response at all among younger readers of this post, it is likely the image of “that old-style crooner” who regularly surfaces once a year at Christmas time and sings the best-selling recording of all time (by far) – “White Christmas.” 1,246 more words

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Rain at Last in California! The Bleaker Picture?

Finally, the rains have come to central and southern California! We have been in severe drought, now, for many months, and anxieties run high as reservoirs run low and even go dry. 787 more words

Relections On Life

Adam Tooze: Remaking of Global Order, 1916-31

Adam Tooze’s The Deluge: The Great War and the Remaking of Global Order, 1916-1931 has been included in the Financial Time‘s Books of 2014: ‘Tooze’s book […] possesses the virtue of analysing the 1920s not as a prelude to the Great Depression, the rise of the dictators and another global conflict, but as a decade worthy of study in its own right.’ 8 more words

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Conference: European Democracies after WWI

The conference Nach dem „Großen Krieg“. Vom Triumph zum Desaster der Demokratie 1918/19 – 1939 at the Hannah Arendt Institute in Dresden covered the development of European democracies after WWI– and their rapid disintegration from the end of the 1920s – in a comparative perspective. 11 more words

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