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From the Desk of Bandit

Dear Primary Human Caregiver, henceforth referred to as PHC,

Let me begin by commending you on your average quality service to me over my life. Many humans are much more inhibited by their inherit deficiencies. 485 more words

Bolla di Calcio

Bolla di calcio. Leave it to over-protective Italian mothers to come up with this.

General Humor

Used Car Special! | An Honest Used Car Ad

This car looks great! The rust along the wheel wells is not spreading too quickly and the few dents are, at the most, only 6″ in diameter and the paint job is barely faded for a car of this age.  234 more words

General Humor

Stupid Is Out of the Bag

The people responsible for this probably vote. In elections. Scary.

General Humor

Extra Credit for Hairy Armpits and No, I'm Not Making This Up

Coeds at Arizona State University get extra credit for having hairy armpits. Seriously. Associate Professor of women’s and gender studies, Breanne Fahs, offers female students extra credit if they agree not to shave their body hair – as in armpits, legs and bikini areas – for the entire semester. 651 more words

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Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes

Ever see something like this?
Isn’t it funny? When SCOTUS interprets the Constitution of the United States and renders a decision that favors liberal ideology, it is the righteous purveyor of justice, but when SCOTUS interprets the Constitution of the United States and renders a decision that does not favor liberal ideology, as in the recent 5 votes to 4 Hobby Lobby decision, SCOTUS is rebuked and reduced to five white guys perpetuating the war on women. 94 more words

General Humor