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The Videophone Turns 50: The Historic Failure That Everybody Wanted

Every day, around 50 million people a day stare at and speak to each other on computer or mobile device screens across the great expanse of the Internet via… 161 more words

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What Drugs Are Twitter Users Talking About Right Now?

If proponents of the war on drugs are having trouble finding drug abusers, maybe they should try checking Twitter.

The network sees a massive number of drug-related tweets every day, ranging from jokes to news stories, with at least a few… 134 more words

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Microsoft Tells Us How It Created The Virtual Assistant That Could Blow Siri And Google Now Away (MSFT)

Windows Phone is still a distant third to Apple and Android in the smartphone market, but Microsoft is hoping to change that with the introduction of Windows Phone 8.1— and more importantly its personal digital assistant Cortana. 1,796 more words

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You Can’t Control How Some People Will Treat You Or What They Say About You

You can’t control how some people will treat you or what they say about you. But you can control how you react to it.

Ever faced people who bother you?

116 more words
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Here's What Happens To Investments On 'Shark Tank' After The Cameras Stop Rolling


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“Shark Tank” investor Barbara Corcoran talks about her investments on the show over the seasons – how many go through, and why others fall through. 34 more words

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10 Ways To IKEA Your Wedding

Warmer weather and beautiful blooms means wedding season is back in full swing, and lovebirds everywhere are getting ready for their big day.

Your wedding is one of the most important and memorable days of your life together — it’s also one of the most expensive events you’ll ever have to plan. 94 more words

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The Online Video Ecosystem Explained — Who Holds The Real Power In Video Streaming?

Netflix’s recent peering agreement with Comcast has ignited a firestorm of debate about the relationship between video companies and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). ISPs operate the “last-mile” of fiber that connects the final segment of the Internet — including bandwidth-intensive video — with end users. 513 more words

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