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New Report Shows Edward Snowden Is Seriously Damaging U.S. Tech Firms

The nonprofit New America Foundation released a new report this week that summarizes the impact of Edward Snowden’s NSA revelation on U.S. tech firms.

Within weeks of the first NSA revelation last year, companies like Dropbox and Amazon Web Services reported immediate drops in their sales, the report said. 336 more words

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Darkness in Gaza After Israeli Bombing of Power Plant

During a massive bombardment this week, Israel hit Gaza’s only power plant, effectively shutting it down for good

With one of the main sources of electricity in the Gaza Strip knocked out, the population now faces severe blackouts that will affect the distribution of water and force already overcrowded and over-stretched hospitals and shelters to run on generators… 63 more words

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Here's The Top LinkedIn Tip From Its Director Of Product Management

Kevin Simon, LinkedIn’s director of product management, leads the team responsible for the site’s Identity and Search products.

Naturally, he’s a LinkedIn whiz, and in a recent interview… 196 more words

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Why Are These Women Laughing? Because a Turkish Politician Says They Shouldn't

Thousands of women have taken to Twitter and other social networks to mock Turkey‘s deputy prime minister for his declaration that women should not laugh in public. 149 more words

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How to Watch 'Sharknado 2' With the Internet

Within mere hours, we will all be drowning in witty and fintastic tweets about Sharknado 2: The Second One. The thrilling and highly anticipated sequel to 2013’s… 95 more words

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Shakira Dethrones Volkswagen's 'The Force' As Most Shared Ad Of All Time

The force is no longer with the Darth Vader kid.

The Volkswagen ad “The Force,” which featured a child dressed as the iconic Star Wars character, was… 425 more words

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A Dad's Hysterical Attempt at Decoding Hashtags

Explaining “what you do” to your parents is not exactly easy when you work in social media. I know, I know — Facebook is now considered “your mom’s social media outlet,” but even if she does have a profile (which mine does not), she still likely thinks all a social media manager does is play around on Facebook and Twitter all day. 350 more words

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