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Mascots and the War Between the States

We all know the important roles horses and mules played during the Civil War. They were essential to the mobility of armies. They pulled artillery caissons, carried officers, served as couriers, and of course, transported the cavalry. 186 more words

Highway Stories

America is going by in a blur.

I’ve hit Civil War overload. It has become all-consuming and I am now missing other aspects, important aspects, of the trip as I travel south. 978 more words

Brian Moore

April 22, 1865

Saturday, April 22, 1865   cool and pleasant   I went to the spring and done some washing   also cut young pines and set them in rows in our Co streets   we have now as nice a camp as there is any need of   Rebs are getting very plenty around here   coming from both Lees and Johnstons armies    all appear anxious to get hold of a mule or horse and it seems to make but little difference how dilapidated the condition of the animal is so he can walk   many of the boys in grey who a month ago were in arms against us are now daily loitering through our camps picking up old saddles or bits of harness fixing to work for their living


April 13, 1865

Thursday, April 13, 1865   reveillee at 2 ½ AM   orders to march at five relieved from picket and report to reg before daylight   march 17 miles move slow and roads bad   till noon we lay still about two hours middle of the day and get dinner  rain part of AM   official order from Gen Sherman read confirming the report of yesterday, but no particulars   the report is that Lee’s army is to be paroled   we don’t like that part of the news   it smacks to much of Vicksburg, but may be all right   camp at sundown 16 miles south east of Raleigh   the boys are all eager to press on after Johnston   we think when we get him the thing is wound up


April 12, 1865

Finally, news arrived that Isaac and his fellow soldiers had been waiting for.

Wednesday, April 12, 1865   reveillee at day light with orders to move at 7 but as roads are bad do not get started till nine AM   before we start get news said to be a dispatch from Gen Grant to Gen Sherman to the effect that Lee had surrendered his entire army to Gens Grant and Sheridan at Appomattox Court house on the 9th  inst    great rejoicing among our troops and if this is true we have cause for rejoicing   roads very bad   we are all day in getting 4 miles   have all the road to corduroy   camp at sundown    I am detailed for picket    as the night is warm we pass the time quite comfortably  all highly elated over the good news which we think is true


April 8, 1865

Saturday, April 8, 1865   Warm and dry   tried again to send our clothes off  carrying box through town   had worn out a good pair shoes running to different officers for papers &C&C… 26 more words


Wylhil 2.2: Wylhil, The Movie

Wylhil, The Movie

I was going to go out, but as usual had trouble finding clean clothes. I kept changing; Mas had already left, but he invited us saying: “Hot girls down the way”. 654 more words