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A man's man

I consider myself to be a typical dude.  I love football, I hunt, I fish, I do my own car repairs, if I need a handyman I go into the garage and get my tools, I do my own yard work, I carry a pocket knife, I love all things electronic, I shave a couple times a month, I cried during The Notebook, I build furniture out of old pallets…you know, all the typical guy stuff. 220 more words


Making Christmas presents and Halloween bags

Oh it’s getting really autumnal outside! What a week we’ve had weather wise…heavy rain, high winds. Nasty. That was the start of the week. Yesterday the weather was beautiful and today it’s overcast and rainy. 148 more words

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Much To Talk About- 75

I had planned to do a third post today because I needed to catch up from missing on Monday and there is a column that is important to draw people’s attention to. 2,012 more words


All Things Cute and Growing

Josh’s dog Remmy is now about 6 months old. She is crazy. But very smart and lovable.:

And our little Sarah is 7 weeks old tomorrow! My how time flies:

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A little Sugar Pill

So much going on as I prep for the Christmas in Seattle show (you are going to come say hello right?) that I almost forgot to share with you all the news!   114 more words


#1466 - Sporting Story from Last Week



Last week was the last week of my training lesson this period. And as usual, we played a little game. Since there were only the seven of us, the trainer also participated. 610 more words

Zilko's Life

Never ending FEAR

It seems that these days its difficult to get a good nights sleep. Everything is playing on my mind. Family, friends, work, home… Everything.

Primarily my fears come from the whole moving house thing. 544 more words

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