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Happy Malaysia Day? Economic assessment by the Performance Management & Delivery (Pemandu)


Toll roads criss crossing the nation and subsidsed food and petrol are signs of the nation’s prosperity

IN the cacophony assailing many parts of the world today, and where ills, tensions, warring and strife dictate much of daily life, we are living a life of plenty. 2,763 more words


Being Proactive in the Early Days.

The scheme kicked off to a fantastic start in the form of the national welcome event held in Leeds. I was filled with a nervous anticipation, only knowing that I will be meeting all the other trainees in a day long, networking event. 510 more words

The Value of a Free Lunch

Globoforce’s Head of Strategic Consulting Derek Irvine has a thought provoking post up at Compensation Café examining the utility of company’s offering fringe benefits such as free lunches to employees. 350 more words


A Support Network.

With the start date of the scheme fast approaching, some of my enthusiasm raring to go is overshadowed by an unwelcome element of self-doubt.

Not believing I am able to do something isn’t a new trait of mine, and I’m sure many other people have experienced the same at some point. 634 more words


Along with hundreds of inspirational quotes, beautiful images, recommending reading, and my own personal and business blogs, at “Behind the Scenes / Virtual COO” you will find the writings and videos of those whose intention is to inspire, motivate, educate and push us to think outside the box. 1,157 more words

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Heraclitus and Parmenides – a metalogue about organizational change

Organizations are Heraclitian, but Parmenides is invariably in charge.” –Stafford Beer (paraphrased)

Heraclitus: Hello Parmenides, it’s been a while!  What have you been up to since we last met? 1,558 more words


Engaging and Retaining Top Talent Looks a Lot Like...

…So lately I have been thinking a lot about retention. I’ve been thinking about how two people in the exact same role with the exact same boss and exact same team can be in polar opposite states of happiness. 420 more words