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T is for Test (of the driving variety)

I hold my hands up in hang my head in shame – I am in my very (very) late twenties and I still can’t drive. 417 more words

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Wow, that's cool!

When’s the last time you said that to yourself about something you were doing?

I’ve had some adventures in my day and seen some remarkable things, but at the time didn’t always think my experiences were special. 463 more words

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I’ve been blogging over at The Conversation as I’ve got my own column!

The aim is to talk about recent brain research in an accessible way… hopefully my posts fulfill this… 17 more words



I’ve had two good days back to back and they both started with morning exercise which produced endorphins and general positive feelings. I carried them with me through the days and this helped me deal with the regular old annoying stresses and complications. 128 more words

General Musings

How Hard Is It Really?

To write something?

To put one word in front of the other and form a sentence?

I just did it.  Twice.  Easy peasy.

I thought something, I typed out the words, and there you have it. 153 more words



22/04/14 – 365 Challenge #112

A large proportion of today was spent sleeping (catching up on sleep lost when on holiday, resting from the fast-paced break and recovering from jet-lag). 51 more words

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