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The "Not Eating" Boomerang

It happened a few times this month. I ate a sensible breakfast, planning on a reasonable lunch, but work interferes and the next chance I have to think about food is ten hours later. 484 more words

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Seeing The Unseen

19/08/14 Р365 Challenge #231

Today I moved into my 3rd year University flat. Well, I moved some of my belongings in.

Mum and I spent the morning packing the car with bags full of pots, pans, dishes, glasses and cleaning equipment, as well as three packed boxes of books and stationary. 291 more words

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Book Review (Part One) - Les Miserables

Um, wow. ¬†This is the first “classic” I’ve voluntarily read, ever. My Goodreads “read” shelf is chock full of other classic titles but believe me, had it not been for the English Lit classes I’ve taken over the years, most of those would have never caught my attention, let alone been read to the last page. 1,069 more words

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Fill the rooms in the house of your life with love, and pile regrets in the trash heap. That’s all. And that’s everything.


BLOOMing Bands

Summer 1967 – the Summer of Love; Summer 2014 – the Summer of the Loom Band.

This is not going to make me popular but I’m going to say it anyway. 526 more words

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One less Fool, and why we're all impoverished as a result

News of the death of Robin Williams prompted a number of reactions : the tragedy of a life cut prematurely short; thanksgiving for somebody who brought so much joy to so many people during a remarkable career as a stand-up comedian and actor; reflection that we still understand so little about depression and the invisible despair that it generates in so many people. 404 more words


Oakworth Fairy Fest

Last weekend Chiplet and I went to a rather magical little event not so far from our house. Fairy Fest took place in the rather charming… 332 more words

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