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Doctor Who: Summing Up Season 8

My apologies for the blog lacking so much Doctor Who material. After half a season I realized I’d been repeating myself. So I decided I would only write another review if I had something different to say. 558 more words

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How To Save a World?

Yael Grinberg is a New York actress/playwright who creates her art from a spiritual center.  Her newest piece, HOW TO SAVE A WORLD?, currently playing in New York, is a clever examination of human interaction and moral consequences.   552 more words

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Catcalling: Tearing Down the Wall

I’m going to take a break from the usual talk about movies, TV, and comics, to start discussing another all-encompassing nerd topic: dating and romance.  Or specifically, dysfunctional dating and how it has hurt our society. 3,819 more words

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My Tools To Survive a Horror Film

I know you’re like me when you’re watching a horror film. You’re sitting there, decorative couch pillow up to your teeth, sweating, and thinking why in the hell did you run into the butchered meats freezer, ya dingus? 855 more words

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Top 5 Geeky Must See New York Super Week (New York Comic Con) Events (by a completely non biased nerd rock musician.)

5) The New York Comic Con itself.

Well, should this be on the list?  Of course, because the con has now extended its hours to include a myriad of activities. 526 more words

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Doctor Who: Kill The Moon Review

So far the most interesting thing about this season of Doctor Who has been the reactions. They’ve ranged from overly enthusiastic to totally underwhelmed. Not unexpected with a show this popular. 687 more words

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