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Top 5 Geeky Must See New York Super Week (New York Comic Con) Events (by a completely non biased nerd rock musician.)

5) The New York Comic Con itself.

Well, should this be on the list?  Of course, because the con has now extended its hours to include a myriad of activities. 526 more words

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Doctor Who: Kill The Moon Review

So far the most interesting thing about this season of Doctor Who has been the reactions. They’ve ranged from overly enthusiastic to totally underwhelmed. Not unexpected with a show this popular. 687 more words

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Doctor Who: The Caretaker Review

The Caretaker was a bit of a throwback to the RTD era of New Who. The monster doesn’t matter much. Our attention is focused solely on the people of the story. 759 more words

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Burton's Five Best

After watching the trailer for his knew film Big Eyes, I was reminded of why I used to really like Tim Burton. No matter how bizarre, his films are capable of carrying a sweet and genuine soul that is only strengthened by his unique vision, and that can be enchanting to witness. 708 more words

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Doctor Who Review: Time Heist

Time Heist is very entertaining. A straightforward adventure story with enough of a spin to keep it interesting. At no point does it become pointlessly complicated or repetitive. 447 more words

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Stephen King's THE DARK TOWER Book Profile: Intro

This weekend marks the ten year anniversary of the completion of the DARK TOWER series.  I know what you’re all thinking: I already wrote a long, 4-part look… 358 more words

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