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Bloomberg: Move rewards Hamas - The FAA

Bloomberg: Move rewards Hamas – The FAA said a ban on Israeli flights was because of a potentially hazardous situation. But some — including Michael Bloomberg — call it an overreaction. http://htl.li/2KBE8A

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7/23/14 International News: AP Photographer's Murderer Sentenced to Death

KABUL, Afghanistan–The man who was accused of and arrested for the murder of Associated Press photographer, Anja Niedringhaus has now been convicted of murder and has received a death sentence as of Wednesday.

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Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies - A

Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies – A social media campaign calls for peace between Jews and Arabs, CNN’s Samuel Burke explains. http://htl.li/2KAVfe

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Holy smokes, Batman: you’re 75!

Nananana nananana nananana nananana Batday! He’s senior now, man. Respect. And DC Comics is celebrating his 75th anniversary, as you would, with a big, big bang. 206 more words

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Gaza conflict: France jails pro-Palestinian rioters



A French court has jailed three men for rioting after a pro-Palestinian rally in a mixed suburb of Paris degenerated into anti-Semitic violence.

The three men, aged 21 and 28, were given sentences of between six and 10 months for their part in the rioting in Sarcelles on Sunday. 297 more words

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AIDS-free world is round the corner

Former U.S. president Bill Clinton on Wednesday told delegates at the ongoing 20th edition of the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne that an end to the AIDS disease was in sight. 209 more words

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Taiwan plane crash 'kills dozens'

BBC- A passenger plane has crashed after a failed emergency landing in Taiwan, killing more than 40 people, local officials say.

The domestic TransAsia Airways flight crashed near Magong airport on the outlying Penghu island, reports said. 142 more words

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