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A New Canon Camera Owner ...

I took a photograph with a Canon Camera today. From what I observed, the skies didn’t darken, villagers bearing torches and pitchforks didn’t chase me down narrow cobblestone streets, and small children have yet to stop and pelt me with stones whenever I walk by. 375 more words


The Dawning Wonder of Weapon Work

When you consider that at least three of the instructors I am training under in California hold rank of shodan (1st dan) or above in… 555 more words

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Down The Road ...

Just after scouting out a photographic location, I drove home through North Jamestown. It was then I noticed the horses at the Mitza Smith Horse… 335 more words


The calm happiness of Aikido

Apologies for my prolonged absence from blog updates.  Things have been hectic of late.  As per my last post I am still in California, working away and fitting in Aikido as often as I can. 473 more words

Martial Arts

Early Mornin' Coming Down ...

The sunrise is a ways away … but I don’t mind waiting. My mornin’ routine is all by design baring the possibility of chance and intrusion. 527 more words


Why Most Bids Fail

The best companies win in excess of 70% of the bids they submit, the worst win less than 30%. Some companies don’t measure bid success at all. 387 more words

General Observations