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Thursday Thoughts (Right or Left?)

You know, I was just thinking (which is what Thursday is about)…it’s been a while since I’ve shared in “wisdom from the school bus.” Therefore, I will share a story I’ve shared before, but one you’ve probably forgotten. 526 more words

General Observations

Today's stats

Most efficient: Planned one of my classes through the end of the year, taught a class, laid out my teacher deployment cards and tried to figure out if we absolutely have to hire another person (I think we should). 118 more words

General Observations

Pre-Internship Observations

Student Diversity:

  • P1 B30: (Jamaica)
  • P2 ELA11: (Vietnam), (Vietnam), (Vietnam), (Philippines), (Philippines), (Philippines), (Philippines), (Sudan), (Philippines), (Guatemala)
  • P4 ELA10AD: N/A
  • P5 A30: (China), (China), (Montreal), (Philippines)
  • 364 more words
Pre-Internship Documentation And Observations

Sheets to the wind

I must be making up for not posting for two weeks, but I can’t go to bed without telling the Internet that I bought a set of gray flannel sheets (just in time for the return of warm weather, of course) and they are so soft and cozy that I foresee it’s going to be really difficult to get up tomorrow morning and go to school. 182 more words

General Observations

Movies We Should Make!


I know, we’ve heard about all we want to hear about Noah, the unbelievably un-biblical movie meant to be a slap in the face to Bible-believers everywhere. 527 more words

General Observations

My Definition of Marriage May Change

I give up; I know I can’t fight it anymore.

Even though for so long I have believed that marriage is supposed to be the holy union of a man and a woman, as God designed, my opinions based on ancient texts must change. 569 more words

General Observations

Inner and World Peace lies with fresh Jam Donuts, Yo.

Ever been tired, or in a shitty mood, or feel like Monday is just going to bend you over and spank you stupid until you cry – but then you’ve walked past a bakery first thing in the morning and had that warm, fresh, sweet, comforting “Oh my fucking God it’s like Xanax for my nose and brain!!!” smell hit you? 97 more words

General Observations