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Happy Easter from Brucy!

You may be wondering why you haven’t had any Brucy-news recently.. Well, as always, I have tones of work, so sadly, I have less time to give you daily news on Brucy’s adventures! 57 more words


Brucy and her shoe-addiction

It’s been a craaazy long time since I published a blog post! Sorry everyone, but I just have a manic time at work at the moment but I promise to find time to give you news on little Brucy! 120 more words


Amazing cat bed from the Oregon Cat project

The Oregon Cat Project, organisation that aims to eliminate euthanasia of homeless cats, posted this photo of a cat bed. I love it (not only because the cat looks like Brucy but also because the cats look so comfortable in it!!! 20 more words


Happy St Patrick's Day!

Brucy and I wish a great St Patrick’s day to all of you!! Don’t drink too much Guinness :)


How to grow cat grass!

I think that all cats in the world love cat grass. It is full of vitamins, it is crunchy and fresh! You can either buy pre-packaged cat grass in supermarkets and at the vets or you can grow it yourself. 123 more words


"Shop till you drop" or what Brucy thought about the Paris Fashion Week

As you know, Brucy is quite a fashionista and obviously we couldn’t miss the fashion event of the year – the Paris Fashion Week: Chanel Fall/Winter 2014 Collection. 72 more words


Brucy at the Oscars! #selfie

Brucy and I loooove the Oscars and Ellen, so we couldn’t miss this selfie chance!

Despite the joy of watching the Oscars – Brucy had quite a difficult weekend! 123 more words