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Still have hard days

Life with my little peanut is full of joy and wonder and as I’ve said before she fills me with so much love that I always find reasons to smile. 347 more words

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Well cheerio 2014

It’s half ten on Hogmanay. I am sitting in bed, Jessica is asleep next door. I am happy and content. I did not get asked anywhere for the bells or invite myself anywhere either, and this doesn’t bother me at all. 330 more words

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2nd Christmas

It’s the 29th December at half one in the morning. My little peanut is sleeping in my arms all choked up with the cold. The house and street are otherwise quiet and I feel like I finally have peace to post on here. 580 more words

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The F Word

It’s been a while. Have you missed me? On second thoughts, don’t answer that. For since we last met, I’ve become increasingly accustomed to using the F word. 942 more words

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HoHoHo? Why we don't "do" Santa

 He’s in all the Christmas movies. The big jolly man in red. People who don’t believe in Santa tend to be sad or angry and somehow they just need a little faith and then they will be happy again. 1,134 more words

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Hi Ho, Hi Ho !!!

So tomorrow I start work. A new job, full time, term time. Me working again. I press pause on the mum button and return to being Miss Owens for a few hours. 196 more words

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Eating anything

Possible proof that my Jessica eats anything! A random stir-fry of onions, peppers, garlic, chorizo, Brussels sprouts, carrots and noodles with some sweet chilli sauce! Yum!!

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