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What we get up to.

Thought it was time for a wee up to date routine of Peanuts. So here we go…..

….. If we were to be in the house all day this is what it would look like… 778 more words

Peanuts Routine

Someone to hold my hand

I knew single parenting was gonna be difficult. I was ready for the money worries, the big issues and the even bigger questions that I alone need to answer. 609 more words

General Parenting

On my own

Well yesterday was a day of firsts for me. The first day I went to Glasgow on my own, as a mum. The first haircut… 368 more words

General Parenting

Food Glorious Food.

So I’ve listened to Jessica and watched her feeding over the past couple of weeks and decided on Monday that she was ready for food. Especially at lunch and dinner time surprisingly. 131 more words

General Parenting

A day in the life of you

I often think how charming it must be to be you. A playful and usually petty challenge, you know how to woo your way out of anything with a tilt of the head and a flash of that cheeky, tooth-filled smile. 321 more words

Home And Family

Giving Jess memories.

I read this article today and it got me thinking.

I’ve been wondering what kind of mum I’ll be, what memories will stay with Jess forever and what will just be forgotten. 158 more words

General Parenting

Intentional Parenting

Something is in the water lately! So many people I know are pregnant or just had a baby. And it got me thinking about how and why people parent the way they do and what makes a “good” parent. 576 more words