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Baby Friends

When I was pregnant I was a bit dubious about meeting all these ‘other new mums’ and making friends simplay because we have babies the same age.   331 more words

General Parenting

Ponder Carefully

How wonderfully important and gravely serious are our assignments as parents: the commission to bring the infinitely precious souls and spirits of these newly formed ones into life. 276 more words

General Parenting

End of term

Tired, overwrought, tantrumming, aggressive, scratchy …. x4 (plus me = x5, plus M = x6) – you’ve gotta love the dynamics in this house sometimes :~ 73 more words


retin-a, the pill and moving on...

My foxling is 13, precious and full of life, 13 going on 29. =) One minute she can be curled into a blanket with me on my bed, begging me to read her “baby books” to her and make spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. 1,845 more words

Home Education

Choosing a family car

We’ve just finished the process of choosing a new family car and with 4 kids, the 2 eldest heading rapidly for teenager-dom, the process was HARD. 686 more words


The hand that rocks the cradle . . .

“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”   – William Ross Wallace

The power behind this quote is almost immeasurable.  We are guiding emergent people — little  tiny  helpless beings, and raising them to power, strength and influence.  7 more words

General Parenting