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Councils used to operate a committee system for decision-making.  Each committee would have a politically proportional representation of councillors on it, who would then vote on officer recommendations. 424 more words

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Problems with Politics

One aspect of politics is about the selling of a message.  This can present a problem with the public perception of politicians.  Even if councillors of one political party agree with their opponents on a matter, are they actually saying this in public?  408 more words

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When Labour won the General Election in 1945, Professor Harold Laski, one of the party’s prominent figures, prophesised, “1,000 years of socialism”.  They got six.    This is if you allow that the period up to 1951 was socialism, as many adherents have their different interpretations, all of which are right of course.  367 more words

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The White Paper Debate

The Purpose of the White Sheet is to break from the past and move onwards. Its about making the Aboriginal people independent. It doesn’t make sense for Canadian citizens to pay thousands of dollars to help individuals who don’t value hard work and aren’t set on making life better for themselves. 800 more words

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Who won Europe?

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard really hates Jean-Claude Junker, and he’s on sparkling form with this piece about how Juncker’s accession to the Commission presidency, as a result of the craven backsliding of, in turn, Italy, France Germany, is very bad news for everybody, but for France and Italy in particular;  Austerity will be for ever, says Ambrose, and neither France nor Italy can withstand such absurd self-imposition of harmful economic policy: 912 more words

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On the Facebook research scandal

There’s a lot of people in a lather about the Facebook research, in which 600,000 people were fed happy content, and 600,000 sad, so as to find out whether some people being happy on Facebook made other people sad. 724 more words

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In (angry) defence of Jon Cruddas

Mark at Labourlist is angry with Jon Cruddas:

The National policy Forum meets in three weeks. So why in all merry hell did Cruddas think that attacking the Labour Party – and Labour Party policy – now, of all times, would be a good idea? 

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