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Clearing cancer is eaasy and cheap!

16 April 2014

Two years ago 55% of people would cancer were dying!  Now only 25 per cent of people are dying.  And cancer rates are crashing!  231 more words


Which job is tougher? Physician or Veterinarian?

I just read an interesting article: How being a doctor became the most miserable profession

It talks about how much physicians hate their life because people are rude and insurance is a pain. 644 more words


Defective surgery

 Gall Bladder

12 April 2014

Ultrasound (150 W 40 kHz or 3 W the the the1 MHZ) passes straight through the own body.  Causing the structures they coals the diseases of age to fragment. 179 more words


What's in a name?

“Before you go Mrs Jones-just to let you know that I am your named doctor as of 1st April.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I’m going to look after you-care for you medically and all that. 305 more words

Primary Care