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Running from the Problem

The most difficult, heartbreaking part of my job is seeing people who need help (desperately, in some cases) who either don’t recognize it, who are in denial about it or avoiding it, or just aren’t yet willing to work at changing things. 1,169 more words

General Principles

Oversaving (is That Even a Thing?)

Are you saving too much money? First of all, for many folks, that seems like such a ridiculous question in the first place. Many folks aren’t saving at all and many more aren’t saving enough; but saving too much? 730 more words

General Principles

The Gas Price Stimulus

Iraq is one of the world’s largest oil producers, so when the ISIS militants rolled in from Syria and took over Iraq’s largest oil refinery, global oil traders and gas companies braced for a sharp spike in prices.  527 more words

Jeff Mcclenning

How I've made peace with my own bragging

Authors engage in various levels of online bragging. Some announce every sale and every interview. Others let pretty momentous things–best-of reprints and awards nominations–pass unmentioned. To some extent, this variation influenced by an author’s relative place in the pecking order. 359 more words

General Principles

Scientific Method

Although the idea of a set of general set of rules which cover all science is controversial, the Scientific Method is a set of general principles that pervade all of the sciences. 640 more words


The Relationship between the Four Wisdom Books in Scripture

There is no substitute for a personal relationship with the Author when reading His Scriptures.  However in the mystery of the interaction of the Holy Spirit and our minds the guidance of others is always welcome.   563 more words

General Principles

Don’t Fear the Correction

At of the end of June, the Standard & Poors 500 index has completed 32 full months without a correction of 10% or more.  We are living in a remarkably long bull market; the average time span without a full-blown correction is just 18 months.  587 more words

Jeff Mcclenning