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Random thoughts today, 8.27.2014

Random thoughts. It is an apt description. I have so many thoughts running around, colliding, in my head. The roar at times is like a stirred up hornets’ nest. 367 more words

Dave Doc Rogers

Solar Observing warnings

Viewing the sun can be rather rewarding, I honestly love it a little more than deep space objects because you can see the detail on the surface of the sun. 254 more words


Slacktivism, Clicktivism and why I am hesitant to get cold and wet for charity this month

I am almost invariably irritated by those Facebook statuses that ask you to repost a statement – usually in the form of a bit of text posted in photograph format – on your own wall regarding what are if not out and out good causes, then at least good intentions. 2,277 more words

General Ramblings

34 Days to go...

With just 34 days left until we leave, the reality of what we are doing is starting to creep into my consciousness. I satisfyingly tick off one more thing from my to do list and begrudgingly add another 5 things that I haven’t thought about before. 101 more words

General Ramblings

Reclaiming a Camp Artifact -- The Bad Seed

My colleagues in Penn’s Theatre Arts program and I spend a lot of time talking about potential directing projects. Sometimes they’re pipe dreams – plays we’d love to do that are, in any practical sense, out of reach. 857 more words


Friday was my last day as a contractor at Expedia. Monday is my first day as a full time employee. I made the jump to contract work a few months ago expecting – well, different things. 157 more words

General Ramblings

"Trust the Process" - Mastering the Recovery Balance

The time for another race is getting closer and closer. I have been laying low since US Nationals, attempting to recover from a double that was more trying than I anticipated it would be. 806 more words