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Once In Love With Amy...

It was a song that was popular when I was a little girl – “Once in love with Amy, always in love with Amy. Ever and ever fascinated by her, set your heart on fire to stay‚Ķ” One of my favorite childhood actors, Ray Bolger, introduced that song in the 1952 movie “Where’s Charley.” Growing up I remember constantly singing that song. 541 more words

General Rants

What am I Doing?

It’s been a weird couple days. I started this blog through sheer excitement. I kept getting asked by people who follow me on Instagram, and even some of my friends whether I have ever considered starting up a blog. 565 more words


Sodomy In The UK

Well, the gay marriage issue has been and gone here. The world has continued to spin. There have been no earthquakes to speak of, no classic signs of the wrath of the almighty that made itself so clearly palpable to the architects of Buchenwald et al. 280 more words

Spirituality And Religion

Shower > Bath

I realised I just can’t do baths. I did baths when I was around six years old, but ever since, it’s not something relaxing to me – it’s a chore. 424 more words


Please, stop talking.

Excuse me, but what do you mean by, “Dat bird be bear fit innit fam.”? Have I accidentally stumbled upon a religious cult attempting to summon a hellish demon cow? 175 more words

General Rants

I Procrastinate Procrastination

Why isn’t there an award for procrastination? Because I’m pretty damn sure I would have won it by now. I procrastinate EVERYTHING, I even procrastinate procrastination – that’s how dangerous my situation has become. 832 more words


That Strapless Bra

I love buying underwear, it’s close enough to be even diagnosed as an addiction; but I can’t help it, I see something delicate and pretty, and I want to try it on. 428 more words