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MrSaturday in the House/Alley

MrSaturday (not real name) is a long time gaming buddy of mine (there are no buddies in gaming only ladder rungs).  Dave is famous for his amazing art work and model painting skills among  other things.   579 more words

General Rants

A Blessed Samhain/All-Hallows-Eve to All

That time of year again.

The time of the last harvest of the season, and last one of the year (for most). It is also a time for many avid hunters. 390 more words


When Did Pubs Start To Think They Were Designer Boutiques?

If I walked into Vivienne Westwood’s shop I would know straightaway that,

a) I was in the wrong place and
b) I couldn’t afford anything, as any shop that doesn’t display prices is not somewhere I should be. 143 more words

Just Grumping

Mixed drinks

We’ve all been there. Friday or Saturday night ( or usually in my case both ) and we’re alone. So alone. These are the times my mind wanders uncontrollably to the what ifs. 539 more words

General Rants

Online dating

Online dating. I’m sure just about every single adult has done it. At 33 and no hope in finding a gorgeous man in the dairy section waiting for me to come save the day I caved. 481 more words


From Hell's Heart I Stab at Thee!

Diplomacy: a Primer

I’m still on a bit of a diplomacy binge. I’ve another guest writer in who’s going to tell you all about it. 606 more words

General Rants

Trust me I'm a diplomat

A previous post talked about “old school”. Well it doesn’t get more old school than Diplomacy. For many Diplomacy is the king of games. For me it’s practically unplayable because for some reason everyone I’ve ever played this game with straight away attacks me the next time we play.   601 more words

General Rants