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Burinating the Peasants!

When I was a kid I used to watch British wrestling on Saturday mornings. Giant haystacks eh.. Other fellas and that was grand and dandy. It was a diversion, I knew it was all made up and I was nonplussed by the whole thing… 384 more words

General Rants

Love is one of those things that can never be fully understood. Many people take the positive side alone and call it love exclusively, but a much deeper understanding can be attained when you contemplate the roots and causes from the darker side of love.

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Paranormal Inactivity

I have never seen a ghost but most people will tell you that they or someone they know has, I wouldn’t go as far as to call these people liars though. 506 more words


In The Name of Honour

Warning: I usually try to keep my posts short, but I’m pissed off. Pissed off with the things that I read and see in the news. 1,354 more words


7-26-14) Jerk-offs, A-holes, and Rim-rod's alike .

well its that time again where i vent and make spelling mistakes, and grammar and bad typos,  but then your just after one of my many menopausal rants . 885 more words

General Rants

Work Overload...

Before I post the next two chapters of “The Devil”, let me tell you about my day. I have made absolutely no headway on getting anything accomplished other than “The Devil” and it is starting to really bug me. 316 more words

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Business Plan, The Conclusion: Historical Financial Data, Proforma Financial Sheet, Proforma Balance Sheet, Effects Of Investment

Before I begin, I must remark at how naive I was in the writing of this plan. I did not have accurate figures on cost of building, cost of employing labor, cost of internal (product, benefits, overhead) investment, or the really important figures I should have had. 627 more words