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The World Just Gets More Stupid Day by Day

Today I’m going to eat at least 48 doughnuts. Then I’m going to eat some lard and wash it all down with double cream.

Then according to the European Courts if I’m enough overweight I can claim disability allowances, get my employer to buy me a new chair and widen the doors so I can get to my reinforced desk. 81 more words

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The Law of Conservation

*Based on a study of Psalm 95*

We all know within each of us what it is that keeps us going. For some it’s love, and for others it can be anger, rage, joy, curiosity, etc. 350 more words


We need poetry about hazel and brown eyes

So just because no one ever seems to appreciate those wonderful brown eyes most of the human population is rocking I wrote these:

Lovely Poison BY Atieno M… 65 more words

General Rants

NaNoWriMo & 2015

If you noticed this blog has been a bit of a ghost town in the month of November. I sort of have a good excuse because I competed in National Novel Writing Month. 536 more words

General Rants

Get a Grip People

According to the BBC news this morning 71% of parents are worried about spending too much at Christmas and a similar number are expecting to go into debt to pay for it all. 155 more words

Just Grumping

The Greatest Sorrows

Tonight I had to un-follow a friend who has been like a brother to me for nearly twenty years. I did not unfriend him, just stopped following his daily posts. 882 more words


Twilight Struggle - Who's game?

Right then, who wants a game of Twilight Struggle?

I recently found out you can play Twilight Struggle VERY nicely by Email via Vassal for free.   23 more words

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