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Business Plan, The Conclusion: Historical Financial Data, Proforma Financial Sheet, Proforma Balance Sheet, Effects Of Investment

Before I begin, I must remark at how naive I was in the writing of this plan. I did not have accurate figures on cost of building, cost of employing labor, cost of internal (product, benefits, overhead) investment, or the really important figures I should have had. 627 more words


Business Plan, Part 7: Pricing, Specific Markets, Market Size,and Location

Continuing on with my release of my first business plan, we head straight into the twilight zone (or at least the very mouth of the abyss) with the next sections. 840 more words

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Business Plan, Part 6: Innovation

Keep in mind that this was written for a start up, not an existing business. I had no clue what I was doing, and wanted nothing more than to attract money to a business. 293 more words


I am a Fool

During the presidency of Richard Nixon, many things happened. The draft ended, China opened up and 18 year olds began to vote. The draft and voting had the most effect on me as a person. 873 more words

General Rants

Why Watch Soaps When All I Had To Do Was Go Uptown For The Show?

When I was in fifth grade, my mom and dad (on my dad’s insistence, with a promise he would change for the better) moved us to Sidney, Iowa–where I still live. 1,469 more words


Business Plan, Part 5: Competitive Advantages

Lists. How I hate them.


Competitive Advantages

The distinctive competitive advantages of DAE are:
For distribution services-
*aggressive promotion including a proposed magazine and related radio spot… 303 more words


Business Plan, Part 4: Competitors

I could have listed about 30 in this section, both entertainment companies and distributors. I could have even listed hundreds of management agencies, recording studios, producers, publishers, and what have you. 200 more words