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Irritation And Aggravation

I hate it when clients vanish. What I mean is I dislike it when I ask for a client’s input and am met with the sound of chirping crickets. 759 more words

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Religion Vs. Faith, Part 2: Faith

Faith: the belief in and the observance of that which remains unseen. The practice of spiritual precepts, changing one’s heart and soul for the better; thus hoping for the future betterment of all mankind. 863 more words


Religion Vs. Faith: Part 1, Religion

Religion: 1. A set of laws, Rules, rites, rituals,etc. meant to discipline and coerce others into conforming tone’s way of thinking. 2. one of the following: greed, envy, murder, war, rape, violence of any kind, gluttony, misuse of power, etc. 1,044 more words


Dragon Con Bound!

This Wednesday I will be headed to somewhere I have been trying to get to for the past 7 or 8 years. That’s right Atlanta here I come. 182 more words

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Thoughts From Hell

Everyone has a dark side. Everyone. Even I have a dark side, which I keep buried under the lovable Jay that everyone knows and loves. (those who know me)I don’t broadcast it. 321 more words

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For Those About To Rock....Sorry. Not Going To Rock You.

For those who don’t know, I have a long term love-hate relationship with the company that I originally signed contracts with to publish my first two books. 654 more words

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Enough With The Political In-Fighting (From Triond, 2010)

Why is it that, no matter how good a president’s ideas are, Congress can’t seem to agree with anything? why do they always seem to want to fight among themselves or add a congressional pay raise, all the while refusing to give those struggling with trying to make ends meet on minimum wage(or even those struggling to stay afloat on SSI or Social Security for that matter) a raise? 807 more words

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