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A Life Well Spent...

For a long time I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand it, I couldn’t accept it, I rebelled against it. Who would ever choose to live their live that way? 2,621 more words


I have an acquaintance who has quit more jobs than I have had in my life. His excuse is that he isn’t making enough. He seems blind to the fact that, if he would just quit buying things he didn’t really need, and save his money, he… 332 more words


Something Deeply Personal

Very few people actually know what my childhood was like. For those condemning Robin Williams for committing suicide, they do not know how hard it can be to crawl out of bed and face each and every day. 947 more words

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An Insight Into Depression

The big news this week is the unfortunate passing of the great Robin Williams.  There can’t be many people in the world who would not agree that he is one of the greatest actors to grace the screen.  924 more words

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Michael Brown, Unarmed, Shot Down By Police

It has happened so often that it hardly surprises many Americans. Another young man, a young,black, man has been gunned down by a zealous Police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. 31 more words

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When The Buddhists Abandon Compassion, What Good Is Left in Religion?

I grew up in a very Fundamentalist Protestant Christian Home. As a child I already knew the church of God was not going to be the center of my spiritual path. 97 more words

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I awoke again this morning in a safe, clean, dry, comfy, bed. But, for the seventh time in as many days, I felt sad about my clean, pleasant, healthy environment. 137 more words

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