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Science is cool and it makes me anxious. I’m very troubled by these things. Not many people care about science and that is even more troubling. 2,343 more words


It is not enough to LOOK; it is only enough to SEE

One of the most important skills necessary to function and rule globally is the skill of observation; and interestingly, only a few ever engage it. While it is important for today’s students of life to be able to look for information on the web, they must also be able to synthesize and interpret the material they find. 995 more words


Introduction To Quantum No Jargons

I was a Speaker in a Function marking the occasion of the release of a Research Book “Downloading Nature‘s Secrets,From Akasa to Quantum Vacuum… 841 more words


Matrix Elements of Lorentzian Hamiltonian Constraint in LQG by Alesci,Liegener and Zipfel

This week I have been studying a number of papers about the Hamiltonian constraint operator in Loop Quantum Gravity. I’ll be reviewing these papers over the next few posts. 2,080 more words

Quantum Tetrahedron Papers

QUOTE (Albert Einstein) - April 2

“The human mind is not capable of grasping the Universe. We are like a little child entering a huge library. The walls are covered to the ceilings with books in many different tongues. 116 more words


Homogeneous cosmological model from a discrete matter distribution

How does a homogeneous FLRW metric arise from a cosmological model with black holes as the only source of gravitational field?

In astrophysical applications of general relativity we often need to apply the Einstein’s field equations to situations where the matter distribution, and consequently also the metric tensor, has a complicated form with relatively smooth large scale behavior and a  complicated structure on smaller scales. 972 more words

Views On High Quality CQG Papers

Esperanto, Directed Homotopy, Computational n-Plectic Manifolds, and a Globally Unitary Currency

Plektikoin: A unit of entangled utility expressed as a polynomial ratio which characterizes its relative density and magnitude.

Isoplekt: A dependency, distributed conditionalization or hierarchical directionalization within economic computing fabrics. 15 more words