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Ego monsters rise again!

Once again the ego monster has reared it’s head on the net. People who have not trained under a master, who rely on their own egos corrupt the teachings of the Buddha, to put down or belittle people they feel do not agree with what their egos are telling them. 612 more words


The Sound of Silence

The sound of being silent, or knowing when to be silent!

As a rule, I generally only post what I practice, or at least what I strive to practice. 180 more words


Illusions faced in our modern Era

Often, through the means of social media, with the anonymity that comes with it, we find there are many with self appointed authority on any given subject. 257 more words


Facts vs Truths

Often it has been a matter of debate about what is a truth.  As a follower of Yoga I practice the Yamas, one of this is Satya or Truthfulness.  212 more words


Defining the Divine

My apologies to all of my readers for taking so long between posts, I have recently moved into a new apartment, and it took quite a while to become settled in. 279 more words