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Advice from a brother in Buddha

Something we can do for our New Year’s eve celebrations suggested by a fellow Buddhist.

Burning Bowl Ceremony

On New Year’s Eve, get together with some close friends, and write on pieces of paper the things you do not wish to carry with us into the new year. 68 more words


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The Eye of the Serpent: Kundalini Recollections 2013-2014

         One year ago, I started to experience intense, sporadic, and powerful sensations like no other, “Kundalini Awakening Experiences”. It started to manifest as a great amount of pain towards the base of my spine that lasted for weeks as well as emotional turmoil (feeling episodes of anxiety, depression or anger without knowing the cause, random bouts of laughing or crying, etc) spiritual turmoil (going through spiritual falls, feeling “lost”, not having any control of my abilities or energy, etc), health imbalances (allergies, being over sensitive to certain stimuli like sounds, light, smells, migraines, food sensitivities, headaches, diziness, etc), etc. 280 more words


German Expressionistic Dream- #Dreamshare: 12/12/14

A few nights ago I had a very interesting dream, very short but interesting. The interesting part about this dream was that everything appeared in dark colours like black, grey, white, brown(s), etc. 346 more words