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Why I Want a 3D Printer

I’m sort of a sucker for a product  that screams “New Possibilities!”.  This can be anything fires up my imagination, from Velcro shoes (“No more untied laces!” thought eight year old me) to my SMART car (“No more parallel parking!” thought thirty eight year old me).   409 more words


Candy! Candy! Candy!

Do you love candy? How about chocolate? Chewing gum? Lollipops? Here in Iowa, our grocery stores are starting to put Halloween candy on the shelves. In modern America, candy companies claim that we spend $7 Billion on candy every year! 748 more words

Wincobank Late Shopper, 239 Wincobank Avenue

Wincobank Late Shopper, 239 Wincobank Avenue, Wincobank, Sheffield, S5 6BD

Telephone: 0114 243 4920

Photograph taken 18.09.2013 ©shopfrontsofsheffield.com

Shop Fronts Of Sheffield

My Story

This past Spring I entered an essay in a nearby Genealogy Society’s Essay Contest.  It was supposed to be about us, our story.  I never heard back about my essay, I assume that means I didn’t win, but I thought I’d post it here instead of wasting it.   1,048 more words

Food on the Island

Previous Post About Bois Blanc Island: A Typical Day on the Island

Bois Blanc Island is an hour ferry ride from the closest grocery store in Cheboygan, Michigan which makes food hard to come by. 395 more words

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Living Locally: Shopping Close to Home

There are a few things I really wanted to get the hang of while being here and that was to get to know the area which will be my future home. 447 more words


WATCH: No place to buy liquor in Kaleden

KALEDEN, BC – People in Kaleden want to pick up a bottle of wine, along with their jug of milk, just like they did three years ago. 251 more words