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The Aussie WIP Wednesday

Oh gee willikers, what is this I’ve pulled from the depths of the WIP pile?

It’s been nice to be stitching away as a break from my… 182 more words

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Obama BANNING RAIN WATER? Man Sentenced to 30 Days for Catching Rain Water on Own Property Enters Jail

Just When You thought you heard it all. It couldn’t get anymore bozarre than this.In a time when unconstitutional overreach has become synonymous with government and domestic terrorism is chiefly an enterprise carried out by alphabetic government agencies, public enemy agency number one is once again targeting innocent American citizens.

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Ah, the Putsie fly (Cordylobia anthropophaga). An ugly little bugger that lays it eggs in your wet laundry which – if not subsequently ironed – can result in a maggot hatching out in response to your body heat when wearing a thus targeted garment.

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