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Discovery about Amoeba

It might look positively adorable in this image, but don’t be fooled: this pathogen, known asEntamoeba histolytica, eats human intestines alive, cell by cell. 152 more words

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3D-Printed skull

Now a days everything is being faked or duplicated. But no one would have thought it would result in duplicating even the brain. Nevertheless it is for an life saving purpose. 157 more words

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White House

The White House has announced that it’s teaming up with Google and Microsoft to centralize its climate change data-and make it more accessible for public and researchers alike. 225 more words

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Expensive City

Legendarily unaffordable Tokyo is no longer the priciest metropolis in the world-it has been supplanted by another, far more inaccessible city. Want to take a guess who it is? 240 more words

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Hello :)

In the wake of midterms I was unable to watch as many films or read as much as I’d like to. As such I will strive to watch and read more this month. 91 more words

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"A touch of Pink" Viennese Biscuits

Having my husband away for a bit lately, he only stayed at home during the weekend and then off during the week for the contracted work in Wales or up north, we appreciated our little time together much more. 315 more words

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