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Never say "Never"

খেলার সাথী, বিদায়দ্বার খোলো, গেল যে খেলার বেলা।

(Playmate, open the exit door, playtime is over)

-Rabindranath Tagore

May 26, 2014. That’s the day I started my internship at Qualcomm. 727 more words

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Saree Ke Fall…

“Saree Ke Fall Sa Kabhi Match Kiya Re”… I keep on humming this tune to myself at least once in a day. I could bring myself to watch roughly thirty tortuous minutes of the movie “R.. 750 more words

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Difference between Div and Span tag

To differentiate the Span and Div tag, the following points might be really useful.

  • the difference is that div is an block level tag. Where as the span tag is an inline element and the span is usually nested inside an block level element.
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