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Sun, Sea, Sand, and a Sprained Ankle

This weekend I headed down to Koh Samet for some much needed rest and relaxation.  I didn’t quite get it, but I had a superb weekend nonetheless.


Meet My Deletes

Inspired by a request from a friend, here are some of the inbox tragedies I have passed on in the last six months:

(the last two are the same person)

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Why I'm swooning today

Because, this:

I go through phases of being very dedicated to very frustrated with the process of trying to meet someone online. It’s not for the faint hearted, and as much as I consider myself pretty stoic and resilient, I have even had my moments of wondering if this needle in a haystack cluster fuck search will even result in some innocent foreplay in the back of a movie theater, let alone true love. 124 more words

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The New York Yankees - July Update 2

The Yankees continue to change their roster around. Here’s an update on what has happened since the All-Star break.


Why I'm swooning today

Because this:

For the record, I’d say “I’m going to die alone.”

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Forgive me, Father...

Christmas has come early in the form of two posts in one day. I couldn’t resist given recent developments, centering around such a common deal breaker: religion. 769 more words

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A friend who is a boy

As previously mentioned, things didn’t work out with Thomas4868. After I blogged about it, I couldn’t help but entertain the urge to send my post to him. 585 more words

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