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The Long Awaited Nothing

Apologies for my absence over the past week. I’ve been occupied doing things like catching up on programming work I’ve been leaving for the last minute to do, and so on. 101 more words

General Updates

Wrens Reunion 2014

The Royal New Zealand Naval Women’s Association are holding a Reunion in Wellington in 2014.  Click on image to enlarge.  Okay you guys, who is the wren with the semaphore flags?   9 more words

General Updates

Foundation Membership

Congratulations to Karl Moen on becoming our 104th Foundation Members.  Thank you Karl for ensuring that the Association remains financial as we move on into the future. 90 more words

General Updates

Queen Elsa

New art added to the digital media gallery!

General Updates

The #1 trick to writing (for me, anyway)

I’m tearing through Crimson chapters left, right and center these days. For the first time in a LONG time I have an actual chapter buffer (gasp) ensuring I can post twice a week until I run out. 409 more words

General Updates

Mustgo Pasta Salad

Every week we have a dish made from small amounts of left overs from other meals during the week. This past week we had B-B-Q chicken, tacos, a goulash pasta dish, and smoked pulled pork sandwiches. 266 more words

General Updates

Official launch

Today we officially launched the project by making our Facebook-page Ashaninka available to the public. To get the latest updates on how the project develops; meet some of the front figures from the Ashaninka tribe; get personal quotes from anybody involved in the buisness venture and generally get inspired by the creative ideas and solutions on how to create a more sustainable management of the Brazilian rainforest and even get involved yourself – like the page!