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A look back at 2014

Click HERE to see what the New Zealand Defence Force has been up to in 2014.

Click HERE for another great video which will bring back some memories for you all.

General Updates

Stepping Out

See who can still swagger down Central Auckland.  Image taken at the Battle of the River Plate Celebrations 13 Dec 14.

General Updates

Communicator of the Year 2014

The RNZN Communicators Forum was held on 7 Dec 14 and a presentation was made to the Communicator of the Year by the Association.  LCWS (Leading Communications Warfare Specialist) Shayna Kitchen was  the worthy recipient.

General Updates

Ahoy Buntings

The images below have been doing the rounds on facebook and it was suggested that we should bring it back to the home of communications.  Does anyone have any issue with these images? 22 more words

General Updates

Holiday Calendar!

You can access the Holiday Calendar (and the rest of the calendar as well) on the SCHEDULES tab of this website:


General Updates

Reunion 2015

Time is marching on and the ‘Early Bird Registrations’ for the Reunion 2015 will finish on 31 December 2014.  Only 6 months to the Reunion so come on send in your registrations. 76 more words

General Updates