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Ill prepared for an influenza pandemic

Over the last 500 years, there have been, on average, three severe influenza pandemics in each century. The most recent pandemic was declared in 2009. Yet despite much investment in public health and many improvements in vaccine production techniques and know-how, the availability of influenza vaccines during this event was far from adequate. 216 more words

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What Would Happen if You Got Ebola?

A secondary infection in the U.S. is highly unlikely. But here’s how the healthcare system would respond if there was one.

Source: www.theatlantic.com

Goes without saying that this would happen in a lot of other places, too.

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How can geminiviral Rep capture the cell cycle of differentiated plant cells?

African cassava mosaic virus (ACMV) in the geminivirus family has being affected 500 million people worldwide by devastating cassava crops during the past decades. It has caused severe symptoms and reduced yield up to the complete loss of roots, the main starchy food source especially for subsistence farmers in Africa. 222 more words

Plant-made antibodies used as therapy for Ebola in humans: post-exposure prophylaxis goes green!

Yes, I know you fans of ViroBlogy like Ebola – and just coincidentally, I was desperately trying to finish a review* on “Plant-based vaccines against viruses” against a backdrop of an… 958 more words

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A new virus from the Namib - and a guilty secret revealed

I have to confess to a guilty secret: there is a pleasure-inducing activity I have been indulging in for a week at a time these past three years. 717 more words

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