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who are you?

who me?

oh Hi, i’m Gill, thanks a bunch for popping over to read my little ol’ blog. What else do you want to know? 314 more words


Mr. Lobby

Earlier this week, I went to the Houses of Parliament to lobby my MP. Here’s what happened.

As far as democratic participation goes, I’m lazy. The most involved I ever got was back in secondary school when I was elected to be in the student council. 1,418 more words

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Oh great. More guilt.

I’ve read a lot of lifestyle fluff pieces over the years, and they’ve succeeded in one thing: making me feel guilty about almost everything.

They come up on my news feed on a daily basis. 902 more words

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Why the public should be interested in the phrase 'public interest'

‘Public Interest’. It sounds like an ill-advised side project where George Osborne and Mark Carney attempt to rap about fiscal policy. Thankfully, it isn’t. So what does it actually mean? 1,429 more words

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The comment threads on the Conservative Party’s Facebook page are horrid.

This morning, I’ve been taking some of those posts and Photoshopping them on to the Tories’ latest poster. 7 more words

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Irrational Fear #572

When people have been using Timehop for so long that it retrieves something that they posted using Timehop in a previous year.

This leads to a time paradox that destroys everything.

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Angry Flat Cap: Best of 2014

Alternative title: Scraping the Barrel.

So that’s it. 2014’s almost over. It’s been a memorable one, what with all the UKIP, people pouring ice water over their heads for charity… 756 more words

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