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I’ve always been a good sleeper, an eight hours a night kind of girl. Recently I’ve been waking at 2am and have not been able to get back to sleep. 278 more words

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Death Note

This week, Pensions Minister Steve Webb announced that he would like to start issuing pensioners with estimates of how much longer they can expect to live. 65 more words

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This week, there have been a lot of articles about how the internet has killed the art of reading. I think I’ve found a solution. 603 more words

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Gmail is ten

Now then, hope you liked the April Fools’ gag. This week, I also helped celebrate Gmail’s tenth birthday by writing about what email was like back in 2004. 30 more words

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Leaning tower of books...

I feel like today’s post is a bit of an interlude (should there be a photo of a potter’s wheel here?!) but I am trying to get a grip on things at the moment, not in a bad way, but there are many things, in general, that I have been putting off and it’s time to get on with them, in order to stop me from feeling like this… 678 more words

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Change of Direction

Let’s face it, Angry Flat Cap’s always had a niche appeal. It’s time for a rebrand. With Nuts closing down, I’ve decided to scoop up their readers. 321 more words

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Blog Reader....

I don’t even use Bloglovin’ I prefer Feedly, but hey-ho, here we go ‘claiming’ my blog!

I just added the button to the side bar….. :)

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