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The Blind Leading the Blind

I thought I had a pretty good idea of what it would be like to lose my eyesight.

Sometimes at night when I need to go for a wee, I don’t bother to turn on the light. 833 more words

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I Hear Thunder...

Today I’m sweating in the studio (nice image huh?!) as I do all the time in this crazy heat, whilst waiting for the thunder storms to come.   518 more words

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Tudor Boy....6?

I am pretty sure I never published this post showing the (final?) outing of the Tudor Boy costume and as it’s the end of the school year, now seems a good time to finish it and press the button.   577 more words

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Modern Art

Today I went to a modern art gallery.

I decided to use the toilet for artists. I spent the next hour worrying that I am now part of some hidden camera installation piece. 162 more words

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Butterflies at the Natural History Museum...

I went to London last Tuesday, all on my own, complete with book to read on the train (well Kindle…on my phone actually, Robert Harris ‘Enigma’ 965 more words

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Once more..

It’s been a long time since I did the blog thing. Life has thrown some hurdles at me, and true to form, my attention has wandered away from this fledgeling endeavour I’m going to start it back up again… 63 more words

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Taking Stock

I wanted a blog where I could be a little bit more, well, me, when I created this. I’ve found that a little difficult in the past. 354 more words

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