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Groening Family Reunion: The Legacy of Homer and the Old, Weird Portland

Homer (noun)

1. American bonehead. 2. Pull a Homer – to succeed despite idiocy.

As a child of the 90’s, The Simpsons was and will forever be the TV show of my life.   1,634 more words


Show Me Yours and I'll Show You Mine...

Ah, the age-old negotiation. Beginning around the age of 5 (3, if you’re particularly precocious) and ending somewhere around, um, death.

In this case, I’m talking about workstations, creative spaces, your studio, or what-may-have-you. 431 more words


Umlaut Shortage Causes Cancellation of Motley Crue Tour Dates

As the America’s supply of umlauts drops to record lows, some bands are going as far as canceling shows instead of paying the exorbitant cost of purchasing them to put on signs and merchandise. 442 more words

General Weirdness

Ozzy Checks Into Rehabilitation Center For Addiction To Marzipan

Heavy metal rocker Ozzy Osbourne reportedly checked into The Barbara Ford Center For Confectionary Addiction on Sunday morning after a weeklong Marzipan bender that nearly cost him his teeth and pancreas. 482 more words

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Atlanta Falcons Fire Former Suffocation Drummer Mike Smith

The organization that many refer to as “The Cleveland Browns of The South” fired death metal drummer Mike Smith during a confusing morning press conference today at Flowery Branch. 468 more words

General Weirdness

Totally Real Celebrity Interviews #2: Matt Smith

On part two of Totally Real Celebrity Interviews, Matt Smith and I discuss Benedict Cumberbatch, our amazing twin bond, and Matt’s super-sexy new look!  (In case you missed part 1, my hard-hitting interview with Benedict Cumberbatch, you can find it here.)

Now, onto the interview!

General Weirdness

Totally Real Celebrity Interviews #1: Benedict Cumberbatch

My Bistrips avatar recently sat down with a Benedict Cumberbatch glamour photo to have a serious talk about his life, career, and who he thinks is the best author in the entire room. 12 more words