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On location-challenged bananas and nasal psychics

Greetings, internet. As usual, it’s been awhile.

One of these days I’ll get the hang of updating my blog in a timely manner, but alas, probably not anytime soon. 507 more words


Otep To Re-Release Classic “Blackwater Park” Album in July

Next month, Oscar nominated artists Otep plan to re-release the album that redefined the boundaries of progressive metal, “Blackwater Park”. The band, which is named after the Greek Sun god Otep, has become one of the top selling metal acts in world since the album’s release in 1983. 305 more words

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Metal Musician Angry About State of Rock/Metal Music Industry

A heavy metal musician armed with a computer and an Internet connection typed an astoundingly illuminating Facebook post on March 18, criticizing the rock/metal music business. 443 more words

General Weirdness

Arch Enemy Endorses Silkpro

In a move that estranged longtime American sponsor Head & Shoulders, Swedish melo-hair metal titan Arch Enemy announced Tuesday that they have endorsed Singaporean shampoo company… 583 more words

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Halestorm Cover of “Straight Through The Heart” Causes Tear To Stream Down Face of Dio’s Corpse

The soon to be released Dio cover album “This Is Your Life” has already received criticism from the person who knew Ronnie James Dio the best, Dio himself.  386 more words

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Slayer To Protest Westboro Baptist Church Leader Fred Phelps' Funeral

Carrying signs saying “God Hates Self-Righteous Fanatics” and “At Least Satan Has Good Taste In Music”, members of the heavy metal rock band Slayer today camped outside the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas waiting to protest the funeral of WBC leader Fred Phelps.  275 more words

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Rancid Set To Record Their First Ever American English Language Album

After spending the better part of 20 years uttering a completely indecipherable mixture of portuguese, broken English, latin, spanish, urdu, punjabi, swahili, clicking noises and grunts, ska punk band Rancid plans to record their next album “Songs That Kind of Sound Like The Clash” in pure American English.  462 more words

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