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Totally Real Celebrity Interviews #2: Matt Smith

On part two of Totally Real Celebrity Interviews, Matt Smith and I discuss Benedict Cumberbatch, our amazing twin bond, and Matt’s super-sexy new look!  (In case you missed part 1, my hard-hitting interview with Benedict Cumberbatch, you can find it here.)

Now, onto the interview!

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Totally Real Celebrity Interviews #1: Benedict Cumberbatch

My Bistrips avatar recently sat down with a Benedict Cumberbatch glamour photo to have a serious talk about his life, career, and who he thinks is the best author in the entire room. 12 more words


In which the dreadful consequences are revealed

It would seem that my six-hour journey yesterday was not without consequences.

Yes. For you see, the sad truth of the matter is…

I’m sick. 366 more words


In which I meet the Nostalgia Critic, and it is good.

Today, after a journey so long and arduous that I had to resist the urge to toss a ring into Mount Doom at the end of it, I had the chance to meet one of my internet celebrity heroes, Doug Walker, AKA the Nostalgia Critic / That Guy With The Glasses! 390 more words


Universal Studios To Break Ground On 1.3 Billion Dollar King Diamond "Them" Park Next Year

In 2016, everyone’s favorite Metal Monarch is coming to the Motor City.

Universal Studios, The Ford Motor Company and The Church of Satan will spend 1.3 billion dollars to build the greatest American attraction since the creation of Disneyworld.   523 more words

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Formerly Dead Singer and Aspartame Advocate GG Allin To Head Food And Drug Administration

In a bold move to show his willingness to commit to bipartisan solutions in 2015, President Obama has announced he is sacking FDA Commissioner, Margaret “Quarter Pounder” Hamburg, and giving control of the FDA to none other than G.G. 609 more words

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Neill Jameson of Krieg Reconciles With Estranged Porn Star Sister

Neill Jameson, better known as Imperial of the black metal band Krieg, has been routinely making the metal headlines over the last year. Between his collaboration with Thurston Moore on the latest Twilight album, and his statements regarding the fallout from Blake Judd, Jameson has been the focus of both accolades and controversy. 503 more words

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